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Thursday, 29 January, 2009

Update from WWS Logs

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I’ve just managed to pull the WWS logs for Zurumat the Obliterator.

First attempt (FAILED):

  • LHW: 43%
  • CH: 21%
  • Riptide: 13%
  • HW: 0%
  • time: 1’05”

Second attempt (FAILED):

  • CH: 40%
  • LHW: 31%
  • Riptide: 19%
  • HW: 0%
  • time: 0’53”

Third attempt (FAILED):

  • LHW: 37%
  • CH:23%
  • Riptide: 22%
  • HW: 0%
  • time: 1’24”
  • healsPerSecond: 1963

Fourth attempt (SUCCESS):

  • HW was 34%
  • CH was 24%
  • Riptide was 17%
  • and LHW was 7%
  • time: 1’33”
  • HealsPerSecond: 2336

Can you see what I did differently? And nearly 20% more healing per second. As always this isn’t the whole story, surgeon there were 4 other players in the room.

I guess the moral of the story is:

If you don’t use all you’ve got then you’re not giving it all you have.


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As you know, decease I’ve been agonising about my “situational awareness” particularly not getting out of the fire. In a strange quirk this has sort of come up on PlusHeal and then Torbold posts suggesting training rooms (my words).

Training rooms (or holo-decks) is exactly what I’m looking for. For healers I would see it as a choice of single boss encounters with all the various tricks and a pre-programmed damage AI. As a healer you would choose Boosted, cure Guild and PUG levels of difficulty. All the matches are fixed length. The aim is, drugs of course, to keep the “group” up as long as possible.

Yeah, it would encourage soloing, but you could limit it by having only one training session a day and that can only last a maximum of 10 minutes.

Here, have 2p.

No Utgarde Keep :(

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There was no-one (literally) in LFG for heroic Utgarde Keep last night, cialis sale so I Pugged Heroic Violet Hold. It started off so so, this web we wiped on the first boss, treatment the Void Walker one, and immediately one of the players left. So we all hung around waiting for a replacement (or two as it happened) and went back in. Wiped on the VW again, and again, and then downed him, after that, though, it all went swimmingly. Mana didn’t seem to be a big issue, sure I popped a couple of mana pots to be on the safe side, but I didn’t use Mana Tide at all last night.

I changed my tactics on these fights, trying to cast more slow pro-active Healing Waves rather than the quicker reactive Lesser Healing Waves, and I think it made a difference, certainly on keeping the tank topped up. It seemed to me that I could get away with a single healing wave where I would have had to cast two LHW’s to achieve a lesser effect. The longer cast time spell as well as being just as effective also seemed to give me an extra second to plan the next heal.

I shall consider this. Somehow I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to heal damage after it arrives rather than seeing that damage is happening and expecting more to come in before the heal lands. Don’t get me wrong LHW is essential to prevent “death-while-casting syndrome”, but rather than trying to top off a 20% deficit I seem to be more effective if I plan to heal the next 20% before it arrives.

I’ve been meaning to respec to boost Healing Wave, I think I’ve got a few talent points misplaced. Most of the forums seem to imply that players are hardly using Healing Wave at all making the HW talents less useful. I’m now doubting this and will definitely include a couple of healing wave talents next time.
On the using the wrong spell front, I think it must be months since I last used Gift of the Naruu or Bandaged anyone in combat. Both of these are mana free, I probably ought to get them hotkeyed!

Afterwards a few guildies got together to bag the elders in Normal Utgarde Keep and Normal Nexus. Peasy easy run, we could probably have bandaged our way through it. Just for fun we downed the Frost boss while we were in theNexus. Because the tank required nothing more than the occasional Riptide and EarthShield to keep him topped off I was able to pay attention to my reactions when the Ice Spikes appeared, quite enlightening.

I’ve seen this boss a couple of times before, so I knew he did a “Steam Hammer” AOE and moved the camera to give me a better view of the ground. The first time the forewarning crystals appeared I was still surprised and then spent a little time finding the directional keys. Result: I didn’t move in time! Yup, even though I was pretty much just an observer I still didn’t quite manage to get out of the AOE! It’s so hard to be quantitative about it, but I think the delay was split about 50/50 between pointless surprise and finding the keys. Hopefully my new gaming keypad will help stop my hands wandering off their home keys. They do tend to wander around the keyboard a lot. Surprise, on the other hand, is just a mental attitude that familiarity will fix.

On a much more trivial note I found that the “Elder” title is put in front of your toon’s name, unlike the “Jenkins” title. I assumed it would be shown as something like “Flowersz the Elder”, but it would be “Elder Flowersz”. It amused me. I’ve got all the other pre-achievements for this title except the dungeon-elders, so I may just go for it, Gotta catch ’em all and get that title.

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