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Friday, 30 January, 2009


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Ho Ho! Guild run last night. I must say I was very hesitant when asked to heal, youth health Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle of all places! Rated in the “tough” category by some healers. Still I relented and agreed to “preside over their deaths” :).

Before the run I re-talented and moved a few talent points around away from focused mind (reduced silence) to reduced threat. I did this because the last time I ran with this tank I kept pulling aggro on the Hadronox fight. From my experience last nigh I think the aggro pulls were probably because of the encounter and some excessively premature healing on my part. In any case the respec was no biggie, sale except for all those spells disappearing from my action bars!!!!!

Actually it went pretty well, only a couple of wipes I think. A couple of times the Pala Tank (Bronze) chucked out some huge heals just when I thought I’d lost it and saved everyone’s bacon! Mostly for me it went well because there’s very little “get out of the fire” that couldn’t be avoided by careful positioning ahead of time. That and using Healing Wave instead of Lesser Healing Wave which seems to be much more effective, though your tanks *do* need high stamina.

I couldn’t have been too bad, after clearing h-UP, the group kept me on to do the Daily Heroic (Draktharon) and then on to pop one boss in Gundrak just to see if he was carrying anything nice in his pockets (he wasn’t). I bagged two more elders for my “Elder” title, I might just manage it, only a week to go for the rest though.

For a change there was a caster in the group, it seems to me that most of the groups I’ve run with are pure melee & hunters, and I really can’t remember the last time I saw a Boomkin, have they gone extinct?

Blue and better Loot list:

[Limb Regeneration Bracers] (Need: Flowersz)
[Sovereign's Belt] (Need: Flowersz)

[Cuffs of the Trussed Hall] (Flowersz)
[Design: Austere Earthsiege Diamond] (Need: Flowersz)
[Design: Timeless Forest Emerald] (Need: Flowersz)
[Breastplate of Undeath]
[Frozen Orb]x2 (Flowers got 1)
[Gold Amulet of Kings] (Need: Bronzeadin)
[Handler's Arm Strap]
[Legs of Physical Regeneration]
[Mojo Frenzy Greaves]
[Netherbreath Spellblade]
[Ring of the Frenzied Wolvar]
[Talisman of Troll Divinity]
[Waistguard of the Risen Knight]
[Ymirjar Physician's Robe]

Looking at it in a raw list I feel quite guilty, both epic drops, both Jewelcrafting designs, a Frozen Orb, and a random unwanted Blue. That frozen Orb is soooo going into the Guild Bank.

On the continuing improvement front:

LHW vs HW: a few times I had to revert to LHW when a player got very low, and it really didn’t feel as “powerful”. Not so much “They’re fine now, what next?”, and more, “OMG only just enough! Cast again!”. Definitely going to be using HW as a solid part of my armament again.

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