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Monday, 2 February, 2009


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Yup, ophthalmologist socks! you really don’t need to know, gastritis but I’m gonna tell you anyway!

Everyone knows that every once in a while a sock escapes to the heaven specially made for socks. So, cost for years we’ve tried to get around the “odd sock” problem by buying identical black sock in batches of a couple of dozen at a time. The theory being: if one sock escapes we’ll have an odd sock (or half a pair), but if another sock goes then we’ll just have one less pair, since identical socks don’t care who they’re paired with.

Nice theory, in practice though the damn things fade at different rates so after a while instead of 11 pairs of black socks you end up with 2 pairs of identical socks and 9 pairs of not quite matched socks. Bummer.

This year we’re trying a different strategy, we’re going with the buddy system. We’re buying Polka dots, stripes, zig-zags, you name it. We are NOT going to end up with poorly matched pairs. Every sock will know its buddy, and every pair will know its place.

Under the buddy system each pair will to plan their escape together, and disappear from the washing machine as a single well coordinated unit.

Result: no more odd socks! And a Nobel Prize for me and my girlfriend.

One more reason I’m not an officer in my guild.

New hardware

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Well, see my Saitek Cyborg Command unit arrived on Friday, and I do feel a right geek for buying it (along with my bluetooth headphones). However, though I’ve not yet used it in anger, it feels much more suited to my hands that the Nostromo N52. I can reach almost all of the keys. Even the spare row of four keys that are obviously intentionally difficult to reach are actually fairly accessible though not for “twitch” use. The keys feel more responsive too. Probably the most important thing is that the thumb joystick and keys are actually in reach, due to the fairly novel swivel adjustment, so that’s 6 thumb controls that I can actually use without spraining myself.

The software on the other hand…. I run Vista with User Account Control turned on and this disagreed badly with the “profile editor”, a day or so geeking around fixed it, then I downloaded the beta drivers and they seemed to work “out of the box”.

As I say, I’ve not yet used this in anger, but I have high hopes, I think I can assign a key to all the “rapid” commands and a “shift-state” to the less frequent ones. I should only need the keyboard for chatting.

Will it make a difference to my gameplay? Time will tell (and so will I).  So far though this gamepad looks to be a better alternative to the oversized N52.

the pendulum swings.

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One Pug Caverns of Time – Culling of Stratholm: a PuG, click but still a nice run! PuG’s are normally good with only the occasional sucker.

The Saturday PuG was kinda interesting, find a bit of armory broswing showed the tank as having 300 badges of Heroism, ampoule so I’m not sure why we sucked quite so badly. Except perhaps that there wasn’t a “leader”, just a load of failed attempts at Zerging.

One Guild Run: Gun’Darak, again nice run up until the Drakkari Collosus, the elemental phase is still giving me serious grief. The purple spit makes it very hard to cast. Just like Keristrasza all over again. Short spells, constant movement. More damage incoming than healing outgoing. Best attempt was 18% and that was with heroism and a fire elemental and correct camera position and damn near the best I could do on movement (I made sure my fingers were on the right keys at all times). I know we could do better with even more practice, maybe enough to take it from 18% down to 0%.

I don’t feel down about this one, the 18% attempt is a sign that it’s within reach (just). I’m ranking it as a personal progression fight.

Other news:

The guild bank got hacked. I’ve an idea on how to make this less likely, but I feel confident the officers are on the c ase.

Flowersz has still got 2 more elders to do in Northrend dungeons, both at normal difficulty. Then she’ll need to borrow a key to Stratholme and pick off the remaining Azeroth elders. Only 5 days to do it in though. I’m preparing for failure and hoping for success.

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