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Wednesday, 4 February, 2009

Still here.

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WoW credit ran out on the 3rd February and, online as you might have guessed, ask I did indeed opt to spend my 60 day card. Unless something really drastic happens I’m going to keep on playing. Essentially I’m going to stay out of the fire. Right out. Like not even going into the dungeons with my guild mates until I’m more confident of my movement abilities. I’ve run quite a few of the heroic dungeons, online and the majority of them are fine, I’ll keep on going into those ones.

Flowersz got pulled into an impromptu raid on the Obsidium Sanctum the other night and we did it on 0 drakes without any problems. She posted 3rd on the healy meters which is where I expected to be with the other 2 healers being so 1337.

She did get hit by the lava wave at least once, mainly because I had the camera zoomed so far out that I couldn’t see which toon was her!

Anyway, still playing.

Lured into wasting time.

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hey, link achievements kinda work!

I’ve not been interested in achievements in WoW, life they kinda just happen as I’m going along. At first they seemed pretty pointless. Since then though they do have a kind of use – you can look some-one up on the armory and instead of inspecting their gear you can look at their achievements, like have they done many heroics, do they have many heroic badges? This is a sort-of measure of quality (though I’ve been with a tank who had 300 badges but didn’t have much in the way of “leadership”). Our guild was certainly considering using achievements as a “raid-ready” check.

The most recent impact of achievements for me has been the current lunar festival achievement, the title “Elder”. Flowersz doesn’t have any titles, and hasn’t been interested in getting any either. Until now that is. The lure of being called “Elder Flowersz” has just been too much. Last night Flowersz went for a wander through Maraudon, blimey its a long long long instance! I hope the remaining two are quicker! Only two more elders to go!

Hopefully the next post will be from Elder Flowersz.

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