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Tuesday, 10 February, 2009

Why’d I roll a shaman

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A question from PlusHeal.

What made you choose to play a shaman healer over all the other choices?

I’d leveled a Warlock to 60 and lost interest in him, generic so I thought I’d level a healer class instead. tried Priest to mid 30’s and still didn’t like it. So I picked a shaman, more about mainly because I wanted to try melee and leveled her as Enhancement to mid 60’s – it was a hoot. Once I got there I started thinking about group utility and changed to Resto because I’d heard that was where level 70 end-game was and I thought I should get practice at it. I hadn’t healed on my priest so didn’t really know anything at all about healing. I enjoyed it, I liked being important (lol). I did have some doubts on rolling a shaman at first after reading on the WoW forums about how poorly Blizz were treating shamans, but I think they were wrong and just bemoaning the fact that they weren’t top of the tree. At the end of the day I suspect I could have rolled a Druid and been equally happy, but I’d heard that the Azuremist isle quests were well laid out, that and I didn’t really like the look of Night Elves.

What about the class keeps you playing it?
I like knowing if I ever get burnt out (and I’ve come close) I can always become something else. Mostly though I just love the healing.

What do you like about the class?
I really like the totems, they actually suit my playstyle, I like that I can customize what I’m doing on a fight by fight basis. Having issues healing? Drop Wrath instead of Windfury, see how the DPS like that!

What do you not like?
Resto questing is a pain, especially on some of the quests that are time based – kill 4 mobs and then activate the whatnot while they’re dead always turns into kill 4, then kill the first respawn again, then the second, then oh bugger it, I’m going somewhere else!

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