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Friday, 20 February, 2009


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Not mine for a change.
After last nights wipes on Hegian (hey! we were almost all noobs!) I got the distinct feeling that the players who weren’t standing at the end were feeling down. Not even bothering to roll on loot, cialis 40mg that sort of thing.

I get it. Crikey there’s dozens of posts on this blog where I’m whining about being unable to get out of the fire. Just because I do it doesn’t make it right, it’s still wrong. Hegian the GIT is a one trick pony, a nights sleep and a couple of more attempts will probably do it!

I don’t think anyone who still vertical at the end thought less of the corpses, for me it was a feeling of “There but for the grace of God”. Don’t forget: Flowersz can heal herself and that meant she could get away with a couple of mistakes per dance, one more than the rest of you get! And lets not forget the Reincarnate, skip that and I only actually managed to survive one attempt!

yeah, yeah, I’m not very good at comforting.

Naxx 10.

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My first time into Naxx last night, ophthalmologist I’m not going into shed loads of self analysis, well not too much. It was a long long long run with mucho time spent learning how to dance with Heigan the GIT. Flowersz did get a replacement for her [Stormhide Stompers], which she wasn’t overly keen on for some reason (I dunno – Women and shoes!), she’s now sporting [Boots of Persistence].

General Impressions:

Raid healing is so different from 5 man healing it’s a (pleasant) shock. There’s a lot more room for error with the other healers taking up the slack from any momentary inattention. The other healers also give a Shaman a nice buffer to decide who gets the Riptide+Boosted Chain Heal. So many diseases, curses, and poisons though, completely unlike Karazahn, my WWS logs say I cast 336 cleanses!

WWS Woes

Although I’ve tried to get my combat log to record up to 200 “yards” I’m still unhappy with the results, they seem to show a massive bias towards Flowersz and are producing some peculiar results on the Heigan fight where it thinks there are only 2 healers and 2 DPS, which might have been true after the first dance, but I know the Ranged DPS did *some* damage before they died!


Most of the raid was pretty new to the Heigan dance, and I have to say it was as bad as I’d been led to believe. I can’t give much advice on how to play this as a shambly healer, though there are a couple of tips for a complete newb like me (apart from being in the right place at the right time, obviously)…..

  • Don’t even think of healing during the dance, that’s for experts! Your job is to protect your own butt! Eventually I managed this passably well (I guess).
  • If you are near the edge of an eruption you only take a single hit of damage (around 7k), this is survivable. So look at it as being allowed one mistake per phase, you can really up the odds of survival by selecting yourself (F1) and making sure you’ve got riptide (or any insta cast heal I guess) on an easily accessible key. Not on a mouse click, not on any Ctrl-Alt-LeftShift-CokeBottle combination, just right there ready for pressing while you are running (for me it was 5). Then keep an eye on your health, ignore everyone else, you’ll not be healing any of them as a noob. As soon as you make a mistake and take damage from an eruption press that heal key, if you’re lucky it will heal you up enough to survive your next mistake.
  • Use the dead bodies as landmarks. Odds are there will be a few lying around in useful places ;).
  • Maybe drop a healing stream totem in quad 2 or 3 it will help just a little bit and give you another landmark.
  • Don’t go too far from the platform, you’ll need to run back to it at the end of the phase, and because of the way things are laid out you don’t have to do quite as much running if you are near. I don’t know how close you can get though.
  • Don’t go too far into the end quadrants, you’re going to have to waste a time turning around for the run back, if you’re too far over you won’t make it in time.
  • Keep a close eye on the green gunk in front of you, so you can see where to go to – I used the next “crack” as the place I wanted to run to.
  • You probably won’t be able to do the whole dance without stopping, but you won’t be able to stop for more than a fraction of a second either!
  • I’m not sure, but I think you can drop a disease cleansing totem just at the end of the dance phase – when Heigan dumps a load of nasty debuffs on everyone, just as you have to run back to the platform. You want to be rid of the debuff as quick as poss so you can get back to healing without dying. As soon as you’re on the platform cleanse the rest of the party and replace your Disease totem with a Mana Spring or Healing Stream and top everyone up.
  • Mana isn’t really an issue in this fight, you’ll be regenerating it during the dance.
  • Get a BigWigs (or a nice raid leader on VoiceChat) to let you now when you’re going to have to jump off the platform and start dancing.
  • As a shaman (or soulstoned healer) this is one of those fights where reincarnate really works! If you are close to the platform when you die, wait for the phase when Heigan is off his platform and the eruptions are slower, when the “gap” comes to you rezz and run as fast as you can to the platform. Make sure your camera is pointing in the right direction. If you make it you’ll be back in the fight in a minute or so. (I was)
  • This was for me a *long* fight – 10 minutes or more, use those cooldowns nice and early, you’ll be able to use them again.
  • If you’re going to pop heroism, do it early while there’s still plenty of players standing, and don’t be tempted to use it anywhere near the dance phase or it will go to waste. The later you use it, the fewer players will gain the benefit.

So what was the big deal with getting the Elder title?

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You might wonder why I made such an effort to get the Elder title, viagra buy well, illness mainly it comes down to vanity. Flowersz didn’t have any titles and I sortof wanted one. The Elder title appealed in a large part because it was actually achievable with mostly just a lot of running around, stuff much like the Ambassador title (which Flowersz now also has).

Last night a guildie pointed out her title sounded like a drink, and that’s given an unexpected twist to her title. My subconscious has clearly been working overtime – this blog is where you can come to get your fill of Elder Flowersz Whine!


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