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Tuesday, 24 February, 2009


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I’ve often read about how healers have their “pet” tanks, nurse though I’ve never really noticed it myself, cialis sale except for a bias towards druid tanks. Last night’s encounter with Gluth where I was single healing the Frost Fire Mage however was different.

I’d been chatting with the mage earlier on the run, pill maybe that had an influence, maybe not, but after we had successfully downed the ovesized mutt I had a quick burst of pure thrill and whispered “you’re mine” to them. What I meant was that they were now my PET mage to heal or let die as I so desired! Mwahaahaaaha!

Unfortunately I think it came across a bit too personal, as if the PLAYER was now mine! Huge OOPS!

Apologies incoming…

Naxx 10 day 2.

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This was a continuation of last Thursday’s visit, nurse we finished off the Plague Quarter and went on to finish the Construct Quarter! Mucho Plate dropped, health quite a bit of it healing stuff. Although we wiped 9 times

For possibly the first time in my WoW life I did some revision! I checked out the encounters on and read the Shaman notes at Hoof’n’Healz. I even made some brief notes for reference. Did it help? Yes it did, at the very least it got rid of that “clueless” feeling, but there’s a world of difference between watching the video and being there!

Thoughts on the encounters.

Loatheb wasn’t too bad. I totally failed to refresh my damage buff after the first time. And I didn’t seem to be able to get off the recommended 3 heals (One HW, one Riptide and one Chain Heal). Fortunately the other healers were able to make up for it (16% of healing done is pretty damn shameful). One shotted!

Patchwerk. Again this didn’t seem too bad a fight also one shotted!

Grobbulus is a complete pain! Lots and lots of running around. On the first attempt I completely missed Flowersz being injected and effectively wiped the Raid by dropping a poison cloud in the middle of the floor. I got a lot better at spotting when I was injected after that, but I know I’m not doing well at avoiding the poison clouds, I didn’t die, but that’s because all the raidies were playing at being house trained and “pooping” the clouds out in the corners.

After the Hunter had mana troubles with his Nature resistance spell I started using the Nature Resistance totem to mitigate some of the damage, there was between 4 and 14% damage mitigation, or very roughly 15k damage per player over 7 minutes equivalent to 360 Heal per second. Not too bad, but in the same ballpark as what a Wrath of Air or Windfury Totem would have contributed in extra damage. Better placement might have cranked it up a little but I doubt it. Looking at the logs I notice that one of the Paladins was cleansing himself, presumably when he was in a safe zone – an interesting idea, it meant he could “poop” where he wanted and get back into the fight without waiting for the timer.

It took 6 tries to do this encounter! Flowersz only did 20% of the healing! Verdict: could do better!

Gluth, 3 tries.
I was on keeping the Frost Mage up. Different! We both got excessively high stacks of the +100 damage debuff – I’m talking in the 40’s, and that was on the successful try! I was using Frost Shock on the “runners”, but as well as stopping them it also pulls the zombie onto me. I think I should try to avoid doing this as much as possible. Not that they hit hard, but the debuff can stack pretty badly. I did have some problems early on with accidentally replacing the earthbind totem and then having to wait for the cooldown to go before I could drop it again, not good. Got better though. I didn’t use WindShock (reduces threat) at all, and I think it’s probably a good idea after Frost Shocking. Also I should have tried to stay nearer the Mage so he could pick up the aggro, and it would have kept the zombies a bit more clustered. It might even be an idea to swap healers part way through the fight to keep the debuffs to a sensible limit, if we had two frost mages as well we’d be made!Verdict: some lessons to be learnt.

Thaddius, 3 tries.
Was a cakewalk by comparison, despite wiping 3 times. In the first phase I was on the 2 healer side, paired with the uber healer. Probably a minor mistake. I twigged though and put EarthShield on the tank just before they got flipped over to the weaker healing side, and a Riptide too if I remembered. I’d like to think this helped a bit. Once the two guys were down onto Thaddius…. We did hit the enrage timer on the first attempt, but after that we got the hang of checking polarity and running from side to side. Comparatively easy. I don’t see him presenting too much of a problem next time we see him.

All in all I think I’m liking this raid, compared to Karazahn there seems to be more coordination and individual effort involved in defeating these bosses. In Kara it tended to be “the whole raid goes here, then there”, in Naxx the individuals of the raid have to take more responsibility for their own actions.

and then there was the Frogger corridor… after getting through this a number of times with my raidies I failed a few times trying to do it on my own. I think I have some idea now…. The slimes go across the path with either a small gap or a larger gap, you won’t fit through the small gap. I kept dying trying to fit through the middle of the larger gap, I think you need to get closer behind the leading slime, it is as if their “kill zone” were in front of them.I don’t know how far behind them the kill zone extends though.

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Here's where I think you go.



Ah the neverending quest for the perfect UI! Here’s my current thinking.

Buff Bars

I’m using Simple Buff Bars at the moment after some difficulty with Elkano’s Buff Bars on the 3.0 patch. They’re quite nice, but I seem to remember that EKB showed debuffs quite clearly. I need these on the Thaddius fight so I can more easily see Flowersz’ polarity.

Cooldown Timers (CDT)
These are nice(ish), but I need to crank up the size so I can see the information without squinting. I’m not using them much but I would probably miss them if they were gone.

Just yum! The new position just to the left of Flowersz is working so much better than tucked way over on the right.

Got Wood
I think this is in a reasonable place, under the Healbot window, but I really need to put the voice alerts back in – several times I found that my totems had expired.

Totem helper thingy.
I’m simply not using that little totem thingy I have in the lower right. If I can find out what it is then it’s going!

Verbal Alerts
Riptide could also do with a verbal announcement, I’m not too aware when it’s available again and often try to cast it whole seconds before it’s ready.

I’m assigning random keys at the moment to the AutoBar Shaman bar and selecting the totem I want from it. At the moment I usually have a standard set of 3 totems and a single encounter specific totem – I need to allocate a special slot for my encounter totem and assign a single keystroke to it (a bit like how I keep Ctrl+1 reserved for quest items).

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