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Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Ixnay on the axxNay – Or what’s up with Naxx?

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Naxx has never seemed as cool as Karazahn, syphilis it’s quite difficult to put my finger on exactly what’s wrong with it, ambulance though of course I have some ideas.

  • Kara was divided into two parts of about equal length, cough you didn’t get to see the second part unless you had cleared most of the first part.
  • Naxx is in 5 parts, the first 4 can be taken in any order, making it a bit less structured. Only the 5th part is locked, because it’s short it feels less “epic”.
  • Kara’s second part was generally a step up in difficulty from the first part and you couldn’t really attempt it until you had the gear (from the first part).
  • Except for the Arachnid wing the other 3 quarters don’t seem to have the obvious “steps” in difficulty.
  • Kara’s bosses were, generally, harder the further through each part you went.
  • In Naxx the bosses seem to be of uneven difficulty, Thaddius, an end boss, for example I would class as one of the easier bosses once you’ve got the polarity thing figured, while Grobbulous is a P.I.T.A. and Gluth is no walkover and you have to go through them to get to Thadd.
  • Some of the bosses in Kara were “optional”
  • In Naxx it feels like you have to down ALL the bosses, you can’t leave the tougher ones until you are ready for them. Maybe it’s possible to skip them in Naxx by going around the outside ring – just checked – NO you can’t, the doors are locked.

Or maybe it’s gear. Epic gear is much easier to get in WotLK before you even step into Naxx, in BC it was a fair grind – I certainly whinged about it often enough! In Kara you knew you couldn’t attempt the upper level until you were geared, and you got the gear from the lower levels. You would start kara in blues and the odd green, every purple was a significant upgrade. In Naxx you start with blues and crafted purples and half the drops (not counting tier gear) are more side-grades than upgrades. Last night for example I got a new mace [Infection Repulser], better suited to a Resto-Shaman than the crafted [Titansteel Guardian] which Flowersz has had for several month, since long before she entered Naxx. I was quite happy to see it go elsewhere, though since it was going to be sharded I took it , it is an upgrade, but a “rearranged” stats kind of upgrade, not an iLevel upgrade.

Or maybe it comes down to feeling like you are “progressing”; in Naxx, provided you’re prepared to wipe, apart from the Arachnid Wing  the other three wings have a big overlap in difficulty, so you don’t really get that “we’re now one boss better than we were” feeling .

Or maybe it’s because we (just about) cleared Naxx on only the third or fourth attempt.

Or, much more likely its a combination of all of the above.

Just whinging, I still like raiding but I can tell you it isn’t the gear that draws me.

Wot! lolNubCake!

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Got called into a Naxx raid at Grobbulous last night to replace a healer that was having 2 second lag. I’m sorry to say it took me a little while to get into the swing of things especially since HealBot wasn’t displaying the debuffs. This shouldn’t really matter since I’m not supposed to dispel these on Grob anyway. One wipe, thumb a UI reload and a HealBot reset later we started the encounter, decease and the following unrolled before my very eyes!

OK, help we’re starting, there goes the tank to pull, get ready…

Steady. Steady! There! He’s got aggro, prepare to heal your little heart out.

Grobbulous has injected Flowersz.

Look, LOOK! I have a purple health bar! Healbot is working, yay!

Oh, hold on, that disease is on me! Stop celebrating and Cleanse!!!!! Cleanse!!!! Get rid of that nasty disease! NOW!


OMG, What have I done?

I didn’t run to the corner! Whaaa!!! I don’t believe it! Now there’s a green poo cloud in the middle of the room, and it’s all MY fault! Sob Sob.

eh? what’s that? I’m stood in the middle of the cloud? run? Oh cripes! yes! Run, RUN like a little girl! NOW!

Flowersz has died.

Sometimes I think if I hear the RL calmly asking “Tins can you battle rezz Flowersz” over Voice Chat again I’ll hang up my raiding hat, roll a level 1 horde Shaman on a different server and go back to questing. How the hell do Raid Leaders put up with this kind of noob shit? It’s beyond me.

By the way, although I’ve tried to portray this humourously I was NOT amused and did much kicking of my own arse.

At least we downed him on that attempt.

Slightly depressingly Flowersz got both pieces of loot which I couldn’t turn down after what I’ve said in my previous posts. [Bands of Anxiety] (enhancement offspec) and  [Infection Repulser]. Even later she got [Necrogenic Belt], which was a solid upgrade for her blue belt.

Dual Specs

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Multi-post day I’m afraid. Here’s the first

Dual Specs came up in guild chat last night with the hybrid classes, practitioner champing at the bit, when a hunter commented that he really wasn’t particularly excited by it. He didn’t think he was going to gain much from dual specs. Oddly today Big Bear Butt Blogger is (re)posting on the same subject! In case you are too lazy, my take on his (and Ghostcrawlers) comments is that, while single role classes won’t get as much use out of dual spec as hybrids, they should be a bit better at their role than a hybrid.

I’m good with that, I hope reality matches theory. A bit like how I always understood that shaman weren’t the best at anything they did, but instead used their totems to improve the party as a whole. (Or no topping the meters!)

Monday, 30 March, 2009

Fishing 450 check!

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This weekend I fished, hospital and fished and fished. Mostly to get the mats for  [Fish Feast]. I now have 17 of these in my backpack alongside all the other trash. But Flowersz hit fishing 450! So that’s every tradeskill maxed out! Now to work on the weapon skills, salve which frankly I’m not looking forwards to :(.

One of our raiders brought up an interesting question on the guild forums, why are we doing less than half the DPS of the top end raiders on fights like patchwerk? This hit my OCD bone and I had to have a peruse through wowwebstats. No conclusive answer, but I think at least half the difference is gear!

Anyway, here’s our “position” rankings for the last week I attended (bigger is worse)

Anub’Rekhan: 77.5%
Faerlina: 78%
Maexxna: 58.8%
Noth: 73%
Heigan: 87%
Loatheb: 97%
Razuvious: 91%
Gothik: 86.6%
4 horsemen: 60%
Patchwerk: 85.5%
Grobbulus: 80.1%
Gluth: 88.9%
Thaddius: 72.8%
Sapphiron: 89.2%
Kel’Thuzad: 85.0%

So overall, not very good. Then I remember this is only my teams only third attempt at naxx, and I’m not that surprised. Especially since I think that we’re probably the weaker of the two teams.

Sunday, 29 March, 2009

Ch ch ch changes…

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Flowersz respecced Elemental for a bit. She’s still alive! And the baddies are just dropping at her feet.. It’s not as much fun as Enhancement, neurosurgeon I think Flowersz gets off on the physical contact stuff, more ohh errrr missus!

I however have also recent changed my riding “helm” to one of these.

I am the proud owner of a purple helmet.

Now then. Now then! Stop sniggering at the back there, laddy!

Wednesday, 25 March, 2009

Manchego Kudos

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I’ve been wondering how on earth we can handle two melee Frost Tombs on Kel’Thuzad, pilule and here’s a solution by Manchego from

“I’d put Nature’s Swiftness, Tidal Force, any trinket you’ve got and Chain Heal all into one. Great to have for firing off a CH on the run, or when KT frost tombs 3 people…”

Serious kudos to Manchego, I would never have thought of this one on my own.

I’ll be binding this to Shift + Middle Button (aka Shift+Chain heal)

The only catch now is trying to spot when two players are entombed (Maybe I should just listen out for FatArthur screaming in virtual agony 🙂 )

If it saves two players once every few attempts it will make Flowersz look like the goddess of lazor-healing.

nobody’s perfect

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ho hum.

recently i’ve tried including comments about fellow raiders in my posts, this mostly to try to stop talking about just me me me. while i’ve been doing this i’ve also been try to make things a little more colourful through exaggeration. there really isn’t much interesting in saying the raid leader pointed out a curse that hadn’t yet been removed. far more interesting to say that i had been bawled out.

i’ve not managed a flawless execution. i don’t think I’ve gone so far as to upset anyone – yet! but at the same time it is clear that i’ve not hit the right balance. a bit too much reality alongside the fiction.

hi ho.

on the other hand i like smattering in some “observer” characters.

i shall be pondering. my next raid isn’t for a week, medicine i’ll try to come up with some way of making this all more interesting even if i have to introduce you to Sniffy and FatArthur.  🙂

in case you are curious i’d like to be able to manage something a little closer to wtfspagheti‘s style.

p.s. it’s really hard typing without capitals.

p.p.s off to give blood now.

Tuesday, 24 March, 2009

Bring your own.

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In raids, hair if I want spellpower I usually partake of the [Great Feast]. Last night I took a look at the stats and compared it against my home-made fishie food, [Firecracker Salmon], and got a surprise, the Feast has lower stats, which surprised me for a 450 skill recipe. Especially considering how damn hard it is to get those last 20 skill points.

[Edit: Smythy has pointed out the the Great Feast is in fact not a 450 recipe, the 450 version-[Fish Feast] does have higher stats]

I’m not knocking the players that bring this to a raid, they’re doing a grand service – there’s plenty of raiders that don’t even have cooking and wouldn’t have any buff food at all if the Feast were not provided for them.

I’m just saying if you do have sufficient cooking you can get an small extra boost by bringing your own.

Naxx cleared

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I thought it was going to be a crap night.

Despite catching the train an hour before my usual one so I’d be ready when I opened my laptop and logged in I had several strange issues ranging from the anti virus nabbing 100% CPU (sorted by killing the rogue process which then sheepishly restarted itself in a well behaved mode) to having two copies of WoW running, patient one of which was invisible but stopped voice chat from working, adiposity not even for listening! Killing the process did NOT work this time, I had to log out and log in again which took an age! I didn’t manage to get in and running properly until about 7:30. I don’t like delays in starting a raid and I was terribly embarrased at being the cause of this one. Fortunately that was the only computer issue I had.


The night started well, several one shots and then it deteriorated slightly on Sapphiron and then quite a bit more on Kel’Thuzad. It was 11:30 (UK time, 00:30 the next day European time) and we were thinking of calling it. The raid leader did a ready check to poll how we were feeling about a last attempt, leavers would not be punished, and we tried one last time. I voted no BTW, as did  Smythy, I couldn’t see us doing any better, tired as we were. Anyway we downed him, so that’s my first Naxx clear!

Overall I think the raid was a strange mix of good and scrappy, our playing degenerates as the night goes on, and, of course, that’s where the newer and harder bosses are.

The raid leader had made sure his aggro setting was turned up last night. I think it can help pull the raid together, though it’s a real balancing act. I wanted to swear a couple of times when he was shouting at us to decurse the only player that’s 10 yards out of range (Push To Talk is a blessing in disguise). But I personally can just about live with it, he’ll stop shouting when we get it right.



I was once again on the Zombie Chow kiting and discovered that if you’re careful you can use the “Decimate” phase to shed those painful 1 minute stacking debuffs and start afresh. Make sure you’re nowhere near a grate so you don’t get tapped by a fresh zombie and run away from any you do see. You’ll only have to do this for a few seconds to shed the last remaining seconds of the debuff, your fellow kiters shouldn’t be able to live without the heals (mine were). I guess an ideal strategy in a raid setup like ours, where we have a hunter and mage, we could get them to alternate kiting the first zombie after the decimate while the other kiter gets their debuff count reset to zero. Hey, for all I know that’s what’s happening.


I boo booed on this and accidentally cleansed the very first player that got injected. I don’t think anyone noticed. Fortunately the raid survived and I didn’t do it again. I tried the self cleanse trick when I was in a safe spot, it saves a second or two, every little helps :).


Of all the Naxx encounters I find Sapphiron the hardest, much more hectic than Kel’Thuzad. You’ve got to keep moving, either to get the Curses off out of range players or to get out of the Blizzard, or to get behind the ice block. Usually the blizzard and one of the other two.


This isn’t a terribly hard fight to heal, with one exception, it does take a lot of team co-ordination, and a dash of luck though. Phase one is fairly straightforwards, though I learnt that if you leave your pre-pull totems in the doorway they’ll instantly pull a couple of abominations, so remember Totemic Recall as you start to run in.

In phase 2 a player (or sometimes 2 melee) will get hit with a 4 second DoT that burns off 104% of their health, obviously this will kill them unless they get a heal in 4 seconds. For resto shaman I found a tactic that says Lesser Healing Wave (around 1 second for me) works, not for me, I wasn’t fast enough. Another tactic says keep the Tidal Waves buff up using Riptide and then use your (now) much faster Lesser Healing Wave to get that quick heal in. This does work, but requires a lot of management making sure you always have Tidal Waves up, and I mean ALWAYS. On the last attempt I went the third strategy I’d read – don’t use Riptide at all on the normal raid damage, that way it’s always available for use on the DoT. Because it’s an instant cast it saves a whole second of reaction time and heals for just enough to keep the Frozen player standing. If you keep the raid near 100% at all times you only actually have to heal 4% to keep them alive. Worked for me.

This all falls apart if two players get Frozzed at the same time (it had better be the melee who have to stand close to each other), one of them will nearly always be the tank :(. Ideally you would have two healers not only reacting fast enough, but also targetting seperate players. We’re not that good yet. Instead we have to chose, and of course we chose the same target. This is where luck comes in. On our successful attempt it was the Raid Leader that died fairly early on so a bit less DPS. Our tree battle ressed him for the final phase. Result: SUCCESS! Though it was close.


Apparently Blizzard aren’t telling me to offspec Enhancement, the 4 horsemen’s chest dropped a T7 chest piece token for me, so now Flowersz can have one of each spec, MainSpec, OffSpec and ForFcukSpec.

We had a fair night on loot, most of it seemed to go to a good home which is so much nicer than having to sell to a vendor for 6g. Several players who had been treated unfairly by rolls and drops in the previous two runs got stuff, a nice feeling.

The Rogue Raid Leader seemed fairly happy at receiving [Kel'Thuzad's Reach], I wonder if it’s any good?

Monday, 23 March, 2009

Skilling up

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Flowersz spent the weekend fishing so she could make enough [Small Feast] to level her cooking up to 450. More faff! The only trade skill she doesn’t have at 450 is fishing which is sat at 433 and slowly getting there.

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