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Thursday, 5 March, 2009

Strategy changes for tonights Naxx run

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I’m sorry that you get all this stuff, website but writing it down helps me remember.

Looking at the logs for last weeks fights:

Arachnid Quarter

Anub’Rekhan: 39% (2006 HPS)
Grand Widow Faerlina: 24% (1714 HPS)
Maexxna: 35% (1565 HPS)

The Plague Quarter

Noth the Plaguebringer: 36% (1677 HPS)
Heigan the Unclean: 50% (1398 HPS)
— day2 and a different healer group.
Loatheb: 16% (2030 HPS)

The Construct Quarter

Patchwerk: 29% (2827 HPS)
Grobbulus: 20% (1595 HPS)
Gluth: 25% (1530 HPS)
Thaddius: 25% (1827 HPS)

Interesting to see that when our well geared broccoli stick came (day2) I was made to look soo much worse. Still no harm in trying to improve.

Maybe look into the extra Chain Heal bounce glyph, disinfection though I suspect that it’s not so useful in a 10 man. I’ll hold off on this until I’ve done some analysis on how many bounces I’m getting of CH, viagra buy if I’m not getting many full set of bounces then it’s a wasted glyph.

Get down with the Heigan dance. I’m hoping I’ve not overanalysed this and end up failing big style while everyone else runs around and Pwns the bugger!

I’ve found a healing rotation on PlusHeal for the Loatheb fight. It looks good, I’ll give it a bash. Also I’ll try and pick up the DPS buff when it’s available. (rotation I’ll be going for is the CH at t-minus 2.3, another Chain Heal, then a Riptide, then Lava Burst, Flame Shock, Lightning bolt, Riptide, Lava Burst, Flame Shock, back to Chain Heal one) I hope I can remember it!

Remember to drop Nature Resist just behind Grobbulus (or just in front of him) rather than to the side, that should give some coverage to those players that are busy getting rid of their injection. I’ll consider cleansing myself when I’m in the naughty corner so I can get back to the fight that little bit quicker. And finally, not run too far behind Grob to drop my injection. Last fight I was running miles away and then having to waste time running all the way back.

Stick near the kiters on Glut (Woof Woof!) so that EarthBind contributes to slowing down the Zombie Chow, that should make the kiting easier resulting in fewer damage debuffs being applied. I’ve also got to think about when/if I use an Earth Elemental as a sacrifical pet, to soak up some of the debuffs which would otherwise be going on the mage and myself. If I do use Frost shock to distract and slow down a Zombie I should then remember to use Wind Shock (it’s supposed to reduce threat).

Use a spellpower flask instead of a mana flask, I’m not having any problems with mana at the moment. As a side effect this might mean I drop a Mana Tide totem slightly more frequently which is a buff to my group.

Keep an eye on my group’s mana and drop a Mana Tide Totem, although to be honest I think it’s very rare that they go Out Of Mana.

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