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Friday, 6 March, 2009

Summary of Flowersz second visit to Naxx

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Thumbnail: did in one night what took us two nights on our first visit. Arachnid, stomach Construct and Plague quarters. Only wiped on trash and Thaddius. Loot was had, hepatitis loot was replaced.

So in we go again. We’re clearly learning from our mistakes, help Heigan, Grobbulous and Glut all went down on the first attempt this time. Heigan’s dance claimed the only player who was new to him, nice. In general we made better progress because we wiped that much less. We did spend a lot of time wiping and generally ressing/retrying a section of trash on the way to Loatheb. And we had a couple of wipes on Thaddius, just minor misunderstandings about positioning (not the Polarity stuff) revealing some of the little traps that Blizz have laid on for us.

Flowersz got some healy loot, a pair of leather leggings, soon replaced by the Tier leggings! It was trousers night, after getting the tier leggings the next boss also dropped a pair of mail healing trews. Flowersz also aquired the tier shoulders. Neither tier piece was rolled on since there were no Hunters or Warriors in the group.

So, how did the fights go? Well, we had our Drood of superpowers with us so healing wasn’t an issue for the most part.

I’m sorry to say I did not completely implement my plan of yesterday, the spell rotation for Loatheb was simply too complicated for my tiny little mind, though my scrubby little DPS was at least up a measurable percentage.

On Grob I did better at dropping the injection nearer him, though I didn’t self cleanse and I did still panic at one point and run way way way away to a far corner. Nature resist totem seems to be a waste on this fight. I’d be interested to see if the totem influence reaches all the way to the edges of the room, I’ll ask some of the melee to check next time.

Glut actually went pretty much to plan, we had two mages for frost so that made things a whole bunch easier. I tried to stay fairly near them and I think I was reasonably successful. I’m not sure quite how well it would have gone if we’d only had the one mage though. anyway the plan was there.

Still no mana problems, though I did get lower than before. Heroism was sadly missing from my spell rotation, I’ll have to remind myself to use it next time!

For the first time ever I pulled out the earth elemental after the tank died, not sure it helped much, the boss went down within a couple of seconds anyway. The Earth Elemental doesn’t really seem very strong at all, lasting only seconds against a bunch of trash maggots later on in the raid.

Not much to say really.

I should have been DPS’ing

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I think Flowersz time would have been better spent adding her puny 600 DPS to the raid on this boss rather than try to heal! That’s 69% effective healing and a further 29% overhealing – think about it!shouldhavedpsd

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