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Saturday, 7 March, 2009


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Inspired by yet another poor PuG….

When I encounter a new boss, advice either I’m not alone in my noobiness and wipes are accepted as part of the learning process, ampoule or the rest of the group is so experienced they can make up for my inexperience.

PuGs on the other hand seem to be surprised, search dismayed, and angry when an encounter wipes the party even if they know there are noobs in it.

I personally find it quite difficult to figure out why a PuG wiped, though I am getting better, PuG’s wipe because:

Healer Dies:

1. to AoE. Well regular readers will know this one, so ’nuff said. I will often offer to bow out.

2. to adds. Very rare in raids, surprisingly common in PuGs. I have a 15% threat reduction, but it simply isn’t enough if no-one is picking up the adds. I can usually stand being beaten on for a bit,  but someone must pull them off me. I stick with the party to the bitter end, if nothing else the tank needs the practice.

3. to interesting boss mechanics, the way I see it is that you’ve got to see the boss at least once before you know what’s up. Sometimes you get lucky and down him, more usually the party wipes and certain amount of whining occurs. My BAD, I stick with the party, but feel a little guilty, the second attempt is often much better, the third time normally succeeds.

Tanks dies

to excessive adds:often a sign of insufficient DPS, or fears, or occasionally an accidental body pull.

healer silenced: healer got silenced at a crucial moment, it happens. I file this under interesting boss mechanics, it means I need to let the DPS get low rather than the tank. In my experience the tank has a much much higher health pool than some of the DPS (sometimes more than 2x) and can be let alone with a riptide for a fair bit before topping up. Rarely happens a second time with me.

Tank taking too much damage: I usually avoid dungeons I’m not geared well enough for, so I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a clear case of this one. Usually the DPS are doing damage to each other and the tank through debuffs.

Range: has me swearing like a trooper, it happens more often than I like. This often falls under interesting boss mechanics. I’m usually expecting it after the wipe and do better.

More Damage-in than Heals-in

Yeah, sounds obvious, but I rarely push out more than 2k HPS, and if there’s any movement involved that can drop to 1.5k HPS. Lots of movement and it can easily go lower yet. I usually offer to bow out, though I usually suspect tactical errors.

dps getting hit by AoE – this is often a “get out of the fire” issue. It can be quite amazing to see just how much damage DPS can take. My verdict, stick with it as long as someone points it out.

simply too much damage coming in – given my level of gearing this is a sign of tactical problems, and frankly the most common form of wipe.

Trash Wipe

Either a sign of a fun PuG, or poor PuG, it’s ovious on the day, but you’ve really got to be there to know. The raid isn’t usually gonna last much longer.

I’ve just been looking at the PuG I was with and begin to understand what the problem was: gearing… the tank was putting out 45% of the damage! After looking though the ratings on wow-heroes I see that most of the group was ranked:

K: Heroics
C: HoS/HoL
T: slightly below par
G: even more below par
M: like G: well below par
PUG with me at your peril!


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