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Friday, 13 March, 2009

Class Balance

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Or lack thereof. Whatever happened to the tank shortage that Death Knights were supposed to solve? I’ve healed some very capable Death Knights, medic its a bit different from healing the other tanks, sanitary but then they’re all different. DK’s don’t seem to be any worse, and better than many Pallys I’ve healed. But in our two raid groups we have exactly one DK, and he’s DPS. In fact there seems to be some other class shortages (ignoring spec); we only have one raiding hunter that I know of and one raiding Warlock. Previously we have also had only one Mage and one Shaman (me), though more recently another Mage and another Shaman have shown up.

Back to DK’s though, I think Blizzard may have performed a small social experiment for us by making it worthwhile and easy to get a tank to level 80 (from level 55 instead of 1). What they have shown is that it isn’t the leveling speed of a tank (starting at 55 is quite a speedup) that’s the issue. I’m guessing that most players don’t enjoy tanking. The mechanics, or the stress, or more likely both together.

Naxx again

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I know you’re probably fed up with all this, patient but last night was only my third time into this instance. It was an unscheduled (for me) run, ed but the “other” troop was short on signed-up healers and I had time so I made sure I was online, just in case :).

I was surprised at how much crossover there is between the two groups, 4 toons, and at least one more on an alt.

The nights run was fairly clean, we did Arachnid, Four Horsemen, Plague, and Patchwerk. Wiping on the 4 horsemen one time because of difficulties switching melee knights and another time because the Pally on the caster knight simply didn’t have enough mana regen to heal through the damage (even with flasks and buff) food – an elemental shammy sorted that issue out no problemo.

I’m not sure if the fact this was a clean run can be sensibly compared against the “other-other” group because this stuff was not new to the group (except for the elemental shaman), it was the easier wings, and both groups are doing pretty well on content they’re downing for the second time.

Well, alright, if you pushed me I would have to say it was cleaner overall. I did see a little of what Smyth has been going on about, this group is made up of more “seasoned” players with fewer “novices”, and it shows in a couple of ways, one was how little AFK’ing there was. Another example was on the Heigan dance; one of the players despite never seeing this encounter before still managed to survive the whole fight – this was one of the guildies I consider highly “seasoned” and clearly it shows on new encounters. I imagine the seasoning would also show if things went slightly off plan, DPS pulling unexpected adds off the squishies and so on.

The elemental shaman suffered from the “embarrassment of riches” problem that Flowersz had on the last full run, aquiring loads and loads of caster mail  (mostly unwanted by Flowersz). This is of course a “one-time” problem, the second time it happens you’ve already got equivalent gear, which is why Flowersz didn’t want most of it. Caster mail doesn’t cause anything like as much drama as cloth, we might just have to compete with the hunter (if we have one) but we don’t have to squabble over cloth drops like Warlocks/Mages/Priests.

On the healing front that damn drood (41% of all healing) was there again, so Flowersz was relegated to second spot on the meters. Except on Heigan where the tree died due to Windows Key, shame! 🙂

I got a chance to do some “real time analysis” during the Patchwerk fight, watching what was happening while I was healing. During this fight only two tanks are taking damage, and quite a bit of it. Basically, if I didn’t get a cast off in within a second or so of damage incoming then someone else topped them off to 100% and I either cancelled the cast or it went to overhealing (35%) and if I tried a slow cast then I usually saw another heal land before mine. I ended up trying to “cheat” and started casting immediately after I saw a big heal land so that I’d be there for the next set of damage, if any, instead of being pipped at the post. Now I think of it, this is actually not necessarily a bad thing, it would be quite effective if we could “interleave” big heals on big damage bosses, Prince in Karazahn springs to mind.

Once again no mana problems, partly because I forgot to bring haste food and had to eat mana food, and partly because mana just doesn’t seem to be an issue at the moment. More on this later.

A correction

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A couple of posts ago I implied that Smythy logged out mid instance in disgust. This is not so, eczema after we had called it for the night I went back in and tried to rezz him, but he didn’t accept.

I get now that he was probably discussing the raid in officers chat.

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