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Sunday, 15 March, 2009

Tier 7

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 9:14 pm

I got invited to a VoA25 man on Saturday, valeologist but before I could reach the instance they had already engaged the boss. Bored, health system Flowersz caught the portal back to Dalaran to do some yet more idle wandering around. She happened to wander near to the token vendor and with nothing much else to do she thought she’d take a look-see if any T7 pieces were on sale and how much they cost.

[Gloves of the Lost Protector] for 60 heroic badges, medicine now Flowersz has a fair number and a few [Valorous Tokens] which can be exchanged for Heroic Tokens instead, so maybe, – pull up the currency tab and see just how many tokens Flowersz has. Answer:60!

I present the fortunate Flowersz in four Tier 7 pieces! [Heroes' Earthshatter Tunic], [Heroes' Earthshatter Legguards], [Heroes' Earthshatter Spaulders] and [Heroes' Earthshatter Handguards] and set bonus.


The [Helm of the Lost Protector] token for the [Heroes' Earthshatter Headpiece] drops of Kul’Thuzad which Flowersz won’t even be seeing for a little over a week, let alone downing.

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