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Tuesday, 17 March, 2009


Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:54 pm

I’m wondering about respecing Flowersz, ailment she’s got 3 talent points placed in Healing Grace (15% threat reduction) specifically to deal with issues she’s had in 5 man PuGs.

I’m debating about moving these into Ancestral Healing – 25% extra armour value for 15 secs after a crit heal. My crit rate is 30-40% at the moment so I imagine that would make it a pretty steady buff.

Another place I’d love to put some points would be Improved reincarnation, viagra 40mg though that would be 2 points nicked from somewhere else, pancreatitis and to be honest I don’t often find a place where I can reincarnate with impunity in Naxx. I do have a spare point in Healing Way that I could probably move without worry. I might even nick a point out of critical strikes (1% less crit) to bring it down to a 40 minute timer and temporary 20% extra reincarnate health.

The only question is: Do I wait for a free respec when 3.1 goes live, or do I do it now?

Hmm, 16.5k gold in the bank, 1/3%, maybe I should stop wavering and just do it. I’ll do it after tonight’s Heroic Obsidium Sanctum if it isn’t too late, or tomorrow if it is.

Oh yeah, the Munqui raid last night downed Kel’Thuzad, congratulations!

Also in the respec front: Flowersz is now back in her birthday hair style, “Sassy” is alright, but not quite as good as “Nape”.

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