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Wednesday, 18 March, 2009

Miscellaneous raiding

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Summary: Sarth (heroic) 19 man, price Sarth (normal) 10 man and a peek at Malygos.

Guild run of Obsidian Sanctum, which after the usual delays ended up with us 19 manning it (5 healers) Flowersz as usual in the middle of the tables. I do believe that 19 manning it was more fun than 25 manning it, though we weren’t in too much danger of wiping. Flowersz got hit by four Twilight Portals and by 6 Flame Tsunamis, not good :(.

She won a new purple which she’s not wearing because it would break her set bonus, so it’s going in the bank until she gets the tier helm.

By contrast in the 10 man she got hit by one Twilight Portal and one Lava Wave. Go figure.

One thing I think works for me in AoE fights is to move whenever I’m not casting. It seems to keep my fingers over the movement keys, makes me look at the screen as a whole, and puts me in the right mental attitude.

After the two visits to OS we tootled on over to have a first ever (for many of us) look at Malygos (normal). It’s going to be an interesting fight when we try it for real.

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