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Wednesday, 25 March, 2009

Manchego Kudos

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I’ve been wondering how on earth we can handle two melee Frost Tombs on Kel’Thuzad, pilule and here’s a solution by Manchego from

“I’d put Nature’s Swiftness, Tidal Force, any trinket you’ve got and Chain Heal all into one. Great to have for firing off a CH on the run, or when KT frost tombs 3 people…”

Serious kudos to Manchego, I would never have thought of this one on my own.

I’ll be binding this to Shift + Middle Button (aka Shift+Chain heal)

The only catch now is trying to spot when two players are entombed (Maybe I should just listen out for FatArthur screaming in virtual agony 🙂 )

If it saves two players once every few attempts it will make Flowersz look like the goddess of lazor-healing.

nobody’s perfect

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ho hum.

recently i’ve tried including comments about fellow raiders in my posts, this mostly to try to stop talking about just me me me. while i’ve been doing this i’ve also been try to make things a little more colourful through exaggeration. there really isn’t much interesting in saying the raid leader pointed out a curse that hadn’t yet been removed. far more interesting to say that i had been bawled out.

i’ve not managed a flawless execution. i don’t think I’ve gone so far as to upset anyone – yet! but at the same time it is clear that i’ve not hit the right balance. a bit too much reality alongside the fiction.

hi ho.

on the other hand i like smattering in some “observer” characters.

i shall be pondering. my next raid isn’t for a week, medicine i’ll try to come up with some way of making this all more interesting even if i have to introduce you to Sniffy and FatArthur.  🙂

in case you are curious i’d like to be able to manage something a little closer to wtfspagheti‘s style.

p.s. it’s really hard typing without capitals.

p.p.s off to give blood now.

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