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Monday, 30 March, 2009

Fishing 450 check!

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This weekend I fished, hospital and fished and fished. Mostly to get the mats forĀ  [Fish Feast]. I now have 17 of these in my backpack alongside all the other trash. But Flowersz hit fishing 450! So that’s every tradeskill maxed out! Now to work on the weapon skills, salve which frankly I’m not looking forwards to :(.

One of our raiders brought up an interesting question on the guild forums, why are we doing less than half the DPS of the top end raiders on fights like patchwerk? This hit my OCD bone and I had to have a peruse through wowwebstats. No conclusive answer, but I think at least half the difference is gear!

Anyway, here’s our “position” rankings for the last week I attended (bigger is worse)

Anub’Rekhan: 77.5%
Faerlina: 78%
Maexxna: 58.8%
Noth: 73%
Heigan: 87%
Loatheb: 97%
Razuvious: 91%
Gothik: 86.6%
4 horsemen: 60%
Patchwerk: 85.5%
Grobbulus: 80.1%
Gluth: 88.9%
Thaddius: 72.8%
Sapphiron: 89.2%
Kel’Thuzad: 85.0%

So overall, not very good. Then I remember this is only my teams only third attempt at naxx, and I’m not that surprised. Especially since I think that we’re probably the weaker of the two teams.

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