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Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Ixnay on the axxNay – Or what’s up with Naxx?

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Naxx has never seemed as cool as Karazahn, syphilis it’s quite difficult to put my finger on exactly what’s wrong with it, ambulance though of course I have some ideas.

  • Kara was divided into two parts of about equal length, cough you didn’t get to see the second part unless you had cleared most of the first part.
  • Naxx is in 5 parts, the first 4 can be taken in any order, making it a bit less structured. Only the 5th part is locked, because it’s short it feels less “epic”.
  • Kara’s second part was generally a step up in difficulty from the first part and you couldn’t really attempt it until you had the gear (from the first part).
  • Except for the Arachnid wing the other 3 quarters don’t seem to have the obvious “steps” in difficulty.
  • Kara’s bosses were, generally, harder the further through each part you went.
  • In Naxx the bosses seem to be of uneven difficulty, Thaddius, an end boss, for example I would class as one of the easier bosses once you’ve got the polarity thing figured, while Grobbulous is a P.I.T.A. and Gluth is no walkover and you have to go through them to get to Thadd.
  • Some of the bosses in Kara were “optional”
  • In Naxx it feels like you have to down ALL the bosses, you can’t leave the tougher ones until you are ready for them. Maybe it’s possible to skip them in Naxx by going around the outside ring – just checked – NO you can’t, the doors are locked.

Or maybe it’s gear. Epic gear is much easier to get in WotLK before you even step into Naxx, in BC it was a fair grind – I certainly whinged about it often enough! In Kara you knew you couldn’t attempt the upper level until you were geared, and you got the gear from the lower levels. You would start kara in blues and the odd green, every purple was a significant upgrade. In Naxx you start with blues and crafted purples and half the drops (not counting tier gear) are more side-grades than upgrades. Last night for example I got a new mace [Infection Repulser], better suited to a Resto-Shaman than the crafted [Titansteel Guardian] which Flowersz has had for several month, since long before she entered Naxx. I was quite happy to see it go elsewhere, though since it was going to be sharded I took it , it is an upgrade, but a “rearranged” stats kind of upgrade, not an iLevel upgrade.

Or maybe it comes down to feeling like you are “progressing”; in Naxx, provided you’re prepared to wipe, apart from the Arachnid Wing  the other three wings have a big overlap in difficulty, so you don’t really get that “we’re now one boss better than we were” feeling .

Or maybe it’s because we (just about) cleared Naxx on only the third or fourth attempt.

Or, much more likely its a combination of all of the above.

Just whinging, I still like raiding but I can tell you it isn’t the gear that draws me.

Wot! lolNubCake!

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Got called into a Naxx raid at Grobbulous last night to replace a healer that was having 2 second lag. I’m sorry to say it took me a little while to get into the swing of things especially since HealBot wasn’t displaying the debuffs. This shouldn’t really matter since I’m not supposed to dispel these on Grob anyway. One wipe, thumb a UI reload and a HealBot reset later we started the encounter, decease and the following unrolled before my very eyes!

OK, help we’re starting, there goes the tank to pull, get ready…

Steady. Steady! There! He’s got aggro, prepare to heal your little heart out.

Grobbulous has injected Flowersz.

Look, LOOK! I have a purple health bar! Healbot is working, yay!

Oh, hold on, that disease is on me! Stop celebrating and Cleanse!!!!! Cleanse!!!! Get rid of that nasty disease! NOW!


OMG, What have I done?

I didn’t run to the corner! Whaaa!!! I don’t believe it! Now there’s a green poo cloud in the middle of the room, and it’s all MY fault! Sob Sob.

eh? what’s that? I’m stood in the middle of the cloud? run? Oh cripes! yes! Run, RUN like a little girl! NOW!

Flowersz has died.

Sometimes I think if I hear the RL calmly asking “Tins can you battle rezz Flowersz” over Voice Chat again I’ll hang up my raiding hat, roll a level 1 horde Shaman on a different server and go back to questing. How the hell do Raid Leaders put up with this kind of noob shit? It’s beyond me.

By the way, although I’ve tried to portray this humourously I was NOT amused and did much kicking of my own arse.

At least we downed him on that attempt.

Slightly depressingly Flowersz got both pieces of loot which I couldn’t turn down after what I’ve said in my previous posts. [Bands of Anxiety] (enhancement offspec) and  [Infection Repulser]. Even later she got [Necrogenic Belt], which was a solid upgrade for her blue belt.

Dual Specs

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Multi-post day I’m afraid. Here’s the first

Dual Specs came up in guild chat last night with the hybrid classes, practitioner champing at the bit, when a hunter commented that he really wasn’t particularly excited by it. He didn’t think he was going to gain much from dual specs. Oddly today Big Bear Butt Blogger is (re)posting on the same subject! In case you are too lazy, my take on his (and Ghostcrawlers) comments is that, while single role classes won’t get as much use out of dual spec as hybrids, they should be a bit better at their role than a hybrid.

I’m good with that, I hope reality matches theory. A bit like how I always understood that shaman weren’t the best at anything they did, but instead used their totems to improve the party as a whole. (Or no topping the meters!)

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