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Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

Naxx second visit day 2

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Or for short: Naxx.2.d2

Second part and we cleared the Military Quarter and Sapphron, viagra 40mg though we called it at Kel Thuzad. This is the first time this group (and I think many of the players) have seen these encounters.

Loot! ‘coz well, phthisiatrician you know?

This weeks raid night was really Shaman Loot rich.

Flowersz got an epic Healing chestpiece, and then later on upgraded it with a roll on the tier 7 chestpiece! She also managed to bag a pair of epic bracers. So that’s another 3 epic pieces of resto shaman gear making 6 in two nights (though one was a pair of strange looking leather trowsers). What looked like an enhancement offhand fist dropped off trash also – we DE’d it. Flowersz is now changing her stat priorities to SpellPower and haste since mana really doesn’t seem to be a problem, for example she Reincarnated on one of the Four Horsemen attempts (possibly the last one) got straight back into healing and still her mana pool just kept creeping up – replenishment, and blessings FTW!

It would be nice if Blizz tuned loot slightly depending on the group, I’m not asking for an all-out change, just change the percentages slightly so the gear had a *slight* bias towards replacing blues first.

Unfortunately I don’t have a combat log to upload to WWS. So no e-peening (the superior drood wasn’t present so I’m a bit dissapointed). An addon conflict I suspect since there wasn’t anything in the in-game combat log either. The lack of logs is a shame because Flowersz died at least once in Sapphiron’s Air Phase without me having the foggiest idea why. She was behind an ice block, fairly solid on health (I think), the Frost Nova hadn’t gone off yet and suddenly she’s face down on the floor!

Which leads me nicely onto the fights. Smyth’s view is here.

As a whole the encounters were scrappy, hopefully  excused since we were new to them and as a team have only been together three times previously. There’s clearly quite a bit more for us (and, of course, me) to learn. The tankspot vids are good, but I should have spent more time reading up on the textual strategy guides and contemplating the implications for a resto shaman. Heroism is still for some reason sadly lacking, I guess the trick is deciding that NOW is the perfect time to cast, and then it too late!

One thing I did learn: tanking is really really hard, remember strategy, react situationally to adds, fight the DPS off the top of the threat meters, and a whole passel of other things I don’t even know exist!

I’m also singularly impressed with the raid leader, knowing the strats, keeping calm wipe after wipe and dealing with AFKers. I would still enjoy raiding with Vedd even if think the aggression knob were turned up a smidges. Raid Leading: Another job that involves far more than “clicketty-click on the healthbars” and, oh yes, mustn’t forget: GET OUT OF THE FIRE!

I did quite like the fights, the encounters in the military wing seemed a more on a par with the harder plague quarter bosses which is about right for my level, and felt on a “difficulty” par with Kara (not gearwise). Naturally I wasn’t so keen on the goodly number of wipes. I guess they’re inevitable when learning.

Thoughts on the individual fights..

Instructor Ravious:

From a shaman point of view this is an easy fight. Drop the usual totems and heal the splash damage. I’m not sure if I should have been trying to heal the “understudies” I tried a couple of times, but they have so much health it didn’t seem to be doing anything.

Gothik the Harvester:

seemed reasonably straightforwards also, Vedd was calling out the situation. I was on the easier ‘Live’ side so make of that whatyou will.

Four Horsemen:

Oh yeah, this was tough for us. Even when we completed it we were down to 1 healer a couple of pallys and a DK. Yours truly was not in that list, all I could see from my position was a couple of tiny raid markers poking up above the platform moving to and fro, to and fro.

Flowersz was on DPS healing and seemed to have little problem with that, our problems arose from unlucky tank deaths and at the “switchovers”. When we finally downed the first of the two melee knights we had a lot of problems with the debuffs which is why two of our three healers died I think. A closer study of the mechanics should offer some help, a couple of the issues we faced were with the caster-knight “tanks” we tried a priest and a pally at first and they were having some quite serious mana issues. I think we eventually ended up with three players in that zone to smooth things out. It might make sense for Flowersz to drop a mana or healing stream totem in that corner (making sure both “tanks” are in her group of course) just before she runs back to her DPS group and the pull starts. Also she should pop heroism and maybe drop a Fire Elemental immediately after the first melee knight dies to help finish off the other knight quickly making the stacking debuffs more manageable.


Also a tough fight. I had a lot of range issues, both on healing and on decursing, necessitating running around trying to get close enough to the cursed player. Of course the Blizzard is a pain in the bum and general raid wide damage is always present. There’s not much more frustrating as a healer than not being able to heal a team mate taking continous steady damage because they’re too far away. I wonder how safe it is to stand in melee range, that should put most of the players in reach, or at least nearish. because we split our groups left/right I’ll also know which side to run towards.

Kel Thuzad

We ran in, we died, just about sums up what happened on this one. We didn’t think we had the oomph and teamwork to do it and started the encounter just for a looksee. After that wipe we called it.

I think Smyth logged out [Edit: well, he wasn’t accepting a rezz] in the instance [Edit: after we had called it a night]! Probably in understandable (depends on your expectations and viewpoint) disgust. I hope he didn’t go and kick the dog or anything.

I’m sure I’ll have a good read around and a mull before the next time Flowersz sees these bosses again. I’ll probably subject you to another one of my “planning” posts. So at least you ‘ve got that to look forwards to! 🙂


  1. Lol, It’s true, I was dissapointed in the team, the potential was there but it just wasn’t happening.
    And some names have been noted to watch more closely in future raids.

    That usually frustrates me more than a team just wiping from being undergeared / in-experienced, at least that’s to be expected.

    I didn’t log out in the middle of Naxx though. The fight was over. We were all dead, and releasing drops you off outside the instance. I just didn’t go back inside… There was no reason to really.

    I can imagine that sometimes I, or the other officers, might seem to just dissapear from groups, or go quiet for ages.
    We don’t really. But we type more in /O chat than we do in guild during raids. Discussing tactics, and flaming each other etc… We often have conversations with each other before logging out. But obviously non-officers wouldn’t see that. I’ll have to try and bear it in mind in future.

    Comment by Smyth — Thursday, 12 March, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest you quit mid-raid, of course you didn’t! I can see what you mean and I’ve edited the post to make this clearer.

    I’ve no worries about anyone not contributing to the general raid chatter, be it because you’re generally chatting elsewhere (but NOT during any kind of pull), or seriously discussing matters in /O.

    I wasn’t aware that anything like that was going on in /O the other night. From experience it is extremely rare that I can tell that anything is going on in officers – that’s as it should be, and seems to be working fine.

    Comment by Andrew.Rowbottom — Thursday, 12 March, 2009 @ 2:45 pm

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