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Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

Wot! lolNubCake!

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Got called into a Naxx raid at Grobbulous last night to replace a healer that was having 2 second lag. I’m sorry to say it took me a little while to get into the swing of things especially since HealBot wasn’t displaying the debuffs. This shouldn’t really matter since I’m not supposed to dispel these on Grob anyway. One wipe, thumb a UI reload and a HealBot reset later we started the encounter, decease and the following unrolled before my very eyes!

OK, help we’re starting, there goes the tank to pull, get ready…

Steady. Steady! There! He’s got aggro, prepare to heal your little heart out.

Grobbulous has injected Flowersz.

Look, LOOK! I have a purple health bar! Healbot is working, yay!

Oh, hold on, that disease is on me! Stop celebrating and Cleanse!!!!! Cleanse!!!! Get rid of that nasty disease! NOW!


OMG, What have I done?

I didn’t run to the corner! Whaaa!!! I don’t believe it! Now there’s a green poo cloud in the middle of the room, and it’s all MY fault! Sob Sob.

eh? what’s that? I’m stood in the middle of the cloud? run? Oh cripes! yes! Run, RUN like a little girl! NOW!

Flowersz has died.

Sometimes I think if I hear the RL calmly asking “Tins can you battle rezz Flowersz” over Voice Chat again I’ll hang up my raiding hat, roll a level 1 horde Shaman on a different server and go back to questing. How the hell do Raid Leaders put up with this kind of noob shit? It’s beyond me.

By the way, although I’ve tried to portray this humourously I was NOT amused and did much kicking of my own arse.

At least we downed him on that attempt.

Slightly depressingly Flowersz got both pieces of loot which I couldn’t turn down after what I’ve said in my previous posts. [Bands of Anxiety] (enhancement offspec) and  [Infection Repulser]. Even later she got [Necrogenic Belt], which was a solid upgrade for her blue belt.

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