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Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

Who’s got the biggest toe-tem?

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We all know what totems to drop if we’re in a 5 or 10 man on our own – customize them to the group makeup. But what if you’re in a raid with another shaman of a different spec? Who’s got the best totem for the job? I’ve basically been guessing, ambulance but I think the time has come to actually do some investigation..

Tree: Talent comments
Elemental Totem of Wrath Serious spellpower/crit buff. Doesn’t stack with  Flametongue
Enhancement Enhancing Totems buffs Strength of Earth, story Flametongue. Strength of Earth buff may still not be as good as the DeathKnight spell.
Enhancement Guardian Totems
buff Stoneskin
buff Stoneskin (pretty weak)
Enhancement Earth’s Grasp bigger radius Earthbind. Odds are you won’t complain at having two of of these down if you need them.
Enhancement Improved Windfury buff Windfury Totem
Restoration Restorative Totems buffs Healing Stream, about it Mana Spring
Restoration Mana Tide
new totem
Doesn’t really conflict as it’s a temporary totem.

Well, that didn’t take long, so here are my thoughts….

Fire totem:

Elemental-Wrath of Air > Enhancement-Flametongue > Restoration-Flametongue

Water Totem:

Resto-Healing Stream > Enh/Ele-Healing Stream
Resto-Mana Spring > Enh/Ele-Mana Spring
It’s probably better for the Resto to drop a Healing Stream because of the extra +healing buffs and have the Enh/Ele drop the complementary Mana Spring or Cleansing totem.

Earth Totem:

Enhancement-Strength of Earth > Ele/Resto-Strength of Earth.
Stoneskin is such a weak totem it is probably not worth fussing over.

Air Totem:

Enhancement Windfury > Ele/Resto-Windfury.
Ele/Resto will probably drop the complementary Wrath of Air.

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