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Thursday, 9 April, 2009


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Once again talents are on my todo list.

I’ve been uncertain about the Improved Reincarnation talent, geriatrician reducing reincarnate cooldown and boosting reincarnation health+mana by 20%. I’m only using reincarnate at most once a night so the 20 minute reduction isn’t really doing much for me, implant the 20% extra mana+health is nice but still fairly paltry. So 2 points to move.

ES and Hots [new resto blog on the block] has a post about dodgy talent points as well and has convinced me to drop Ancestral Healing (I figure only around 100HPS at best for 3 points!), tuberculosis so there’s another 3 points.

My current spec is, please don’t go into all the ways it’s wrong, Cookie Cutter specs are good, but sometimes you have to go with your feelings even if they’re wrong.

So ES & Hots spec differs in

  • taking 2 points out of Improved Reincarnation (/agree),
  • 3 points out of Ancestral Awakening (/agree),
  • Putting 1 point into Healing Way (Alurel makes a convincing argument) for 1 and not 3,
  • putting an extra point into thundering strikes (less convinced by the extra 1%),
  • 3 extra into Elemental Weapons (30% extra on earthliving – so that’s +195 heal instead of +150), again not convinced.

So I’m good with dropping the points, but I’m still a bit ambivalent about where to put 4 of the freed up points.

There’s a suggestion that I could put 3 into Healing Focus – When I hit 80 I started off with them here, but in 10 mans Healing Focus is simply not necessary. In 25 mans, well, what do I know about them? I’ll keep an open mind.

I’m tempted by Enhancing Totems but it’s really not much of a boost, around +25 to spell damage, and around the same to melee damage for Strength of Earth Totem, but they benefit the entire party so that’s all multiplied by a couple.

Anyway I won’t have time to respec before tonights raid, so I can sleep on it a bit.

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