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Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

A strange request.

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A quickie from Flowersz.

Woke up this morning and saw that I had some new post in the mailbox. Odd, cialis 40mg I wasn’t expecting any.

Turns out it was a letter from Hillary Fflowers, psychotherapist the son of a lovely couple of gnomes I was introduced to in Tinkertown (it’s the name). It seems he’s decided to take “the way of the warrior”, visit this good for him! I’m glad to hear his family are all doing well. Strange thing though, his postal address is the Exodar. I think he may have taken a shine to us Draenei, my fault I guess.

The weirdest part of it all though is he wants me to “boost” him a pair of Tanga briefs! Claims it’s something to do with an achievement! I feel I owe his family something for their wonderful hospitality last time I was in IF so I guess I’ll have to go out and buy him a pair, though I’m damned if I’m sending the little perv any of mine!

Must write a note to his mother.

Yergh Belurgh

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Not a lot of WoW time this extended weekend.

Respecced my druid Moonkin, page this makes it the first time since the talent points got refunded for WotLK! Killed a couple of wolves and went back to the inn.

Rolled a Gnome Warrior “Fflowers”, this and ran him to the Draenei starting area, dinging level 2 on the way. His full name is Hillary Fflowers, he has pink hair and a huge twirly moustache. So far his main aim seems to be trying to look up all those Draenei skirts (even the men), what a sad little sod! He belongs on an RP server. If I do ever play him I’ll be trying to use my gamepad from the start.

Flowersz managed to try the Aces High quest twice, so she can get some practice in for Malygos phase 3. So far the Scalesworn Elites are winning! You can do the quest using the cast pattern on WowHead, but I don’t feel this is really preparing for Maly, so although I am using it I’m also trying for a more reactive pattern at the same time.

Waste of space post really.

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