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Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Need more memory! (more QQ)

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Some time ago I moved my WoW folder onto an external 16GB SD card to improve performance. It didn’t give me quite the performance improvement I expected, global burden of disease my laptop will only transfer at 3Mbyte/sec to a card rated at 6Mbyte/sec. Still all went fairly well and although game startup is not a lot faster than when I run it off my hard disk it is much much less prone to unexpected slowdowns and disk thrashing.

That’s how I’ve been running Wow since before the expansion came out. Until today. Today’s patch has made the installed size 700MB bigger than my card (the card is actually only 14.9GB in size because of the usual this and that). There is a chance that if I reformat for smaller cluster sizes and remove all my unused addons and so on (the temporary download files are already gone) that it might just squeeze on.

It looks like it’s back to running off my hard disk! Unless there’s some way I can get WoW to look for some files on my HD or “symbolicly link” a folder (e.g. the videos) invisibly from my SD card to my Hard Drive.

Haste (or QQ)

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Back in the day: I had a premonition about how the game was going to develop, help in short I expected playstyle to get faster and faster. Now one expansion and several months on and Flowersz is stacking some haste gear, troche and seems to need to stack even more. All of this haste means that now I have to cast more often, and the sad thing is I’m not casting slow heals faster, oh no, other game changes have meant that I’m now casting my already fast heals even faster.

Back in the day: Lesser Healing Wave was a “stop-gap” heal that you cast in an emergency to get enough time to dump a slower, but more effective Healing Wave. Various changes and glyphs have meant that LHW is now a fully fledged card-carrying heal.

Back in the day: healers watched their mana and rated it more important even than the Health pool of that aggro-pulling underperforming DPS. Now, in most 10 man raids, mana is a non-issue. So much so that I’m thinking of making Flowersz’ main-set of gear low-mana and high haste with an “exceptional” set for those rare occasions when when we don’t have “replenishment” available in the raid, or 5 man.

Back in the day: you’d be casting Chain Heal or Healing Wave and use that 2.5/3 seconds to decide who gets the next heal, now I’m seeing LHW casting in less than a second, even Healing Wave can bang off in around 1.5 seconds if all my procs are up – where’s my thinking time gone? “Get out of the fire” events are now frequent enough that I occasionally think about whether it’s worth casting Chain Heal, or I’m going to have to move.

Times change. And things usually improve.

I’m afraid I’m in agreement with Tobold’s Tuesday post Wow may eventually simply become too fast for me.

QQ done.

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