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Friday, 17 April, 2009

Once more into Naxx

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Guild raid on Naxx last night. Not a smooth as last time, health care but we still managed four wings.

Several people were having lag problems, gerontologist some so bad they had to leave the group, rx and though my lag wasn’t bad I did have my router conk out on one of the fights.

Something was different! Flowersz actually managed to do more effective healing than our super-treeform druid. She’s not had any gear changes so either 3.1 has buffed resto-shaman (doubt it), nerfed resto druids (I hope not), or Bia was simply having an off day (lag?). Even worserer – she was missing her Earthliving Weapon buff on the first wing of the fight. Actually I suspect Flowersz was simply stealing healing from the Paladin.

I’ve had a look at the combat logs and I think I’ve finally worked out why the drood has always been outperforming me. The majority of his spells are instants or 1.5 second casts. Given the same level of gearing and my propensity to use Chain Heal and Healing Wave, both 2.5 seconds, it’s not too surprising that he usually heals me into the ground.

The 3.1 changes….. now that Mana Spring doesn’t stack with Blessings of Wisdom I had a Healing Stream totem down all the time, accounting for a bonkers amount of healing, though only 15% wasn’t overhealing (560k or about 7%). This change means that if you have more than one shaman in your 10 man then it’s probably worth putting the resto in the tank group and having both of them dropping Healing Stream (or Cleansing Totem if it’s needed). Water totems are group only and with the loss of Mana Spring’s utility Healing Stream is now the water totem de rigeur.

Gluth was interesting, only two Earthbind totems and no Hunter or Mage. It wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, though Windows keying out of WoW mid fight was not the cleverest thing I’ve ever done. We’re getting a little better at keeping the Zombie Chow occupied. I even managed to tag a couple of strays myself by facing towards Gluth and Frost Shocking (or Lightning Bolt if it resisted) to distract the single minded little buggers. They seem to spawn slowly enough that my shock cooldown is up in time to tag another stray if need be. I suspect that a really skilled shaman could probably kite all the chow solo – not me, I’m really too static for that.

Our Warlock tried a new tactic in this fight, he feared an escapee at one point, unfortunately the bugger ran towards Gluth and gave him 5% health back, so that didn’t work, but I think full points for trying something different. Because of the Windows-key mistake Flowersz had 30 of the stacking debuff on her for most of the fight, even those gave me an idea – if the debuffs had finally gotten too big and killed her its just possible she could have reincarnated without any de-buffs and started again. During the decimate phase would have been a good time. Ah, if only I was actually any good at playing and could fold a tactic like this in.

We did have a Wipe on Thaddius, in the region of 20k health (or less), and the next attempt was also close call, unfortunately I’d blown ALL of Flowersz cooldowns so it was just a case of keeping my fingers crossed and watching. Tip: blow your heroism early while everyone is still alive. I really must see if the Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental get affected by the polarity thingy, if not then they’re going to be pretty useful.

I’m suddenly having to consider offspec gear a little more seriously now I’ve dual-specced, the problem is I haven’t really decided what my second spec should be. Enhancement is fun and different, but I can re-use a lot of my epics for Elemental, in Elemental Flowersz is fairly substantially geared, lacking only on hit rating. I’m sure I’ll decide eventually, perhaps I’ll try elemental for a couple of weeks again to see how well I like it.

I’m playing around with another analysis tool, it’s a bit techy to setup, but I can handle techy. The advantage is that it produces static html files that don’t rely on the WWS server so I may start hosting some reports on this site.

I’ve also installed the Visual Studio WoW developer IDE thingy, not started it up yet, but I may develop a couple of small addons. I prefer my addons to be small, it might be nice to have an addon that manages everything, but if you don’t like one feature you end up with duplicates. I’d rather keep my totem timers separate from my totem caster and separate again from my weapon imbues and saperate again from my buff monitor, and so on.

Early on the todo list is a Chain Heal watcher that whinges at me when I don’t get any bounces (currently running at 30% of my casts!).

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