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Monday, 20 April, 2009

Elemental and hit rating (wild speculation)

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Respecced Elemental, more about I can live with it. Not as much fun as Enhancement, clinic but still way way quicker than questing Restoration.

Anyway, cure one of the major topics for Elemental Shaman is getting hit rating (google for some excellent pages), this is a big topic for elemental shammys because there is not a lot of hit rating mail gear available.

Anyway I’ve gemmed for hit and picked up as much of the buyable hit rating kit as I have tokens for. Flowersz is nowhere near the hit cap, but she’s not bad either.

Now since the hit cap is different for bosses in normal dungeons and heroic dungeons and raids she actually requires different levels of hit rating depending on which dungeon she’s doing…. So I’m going to have to work out what gear to pack depending on what she’s doing. That is… I can exchange some hit cap for spellpower/haste if Flowersz is only doing a heroic dungeon.

But, I’ve also decided to do some thinking about hit/miss ratings, all from a simplistic view and crunched some numbers.

Real world numbers …

Our Elemental Shammy scored 2200 DPS the other night in Naxx with a miss value of about 3% (between 1.5 and 4) and around the same in mitigation. He’s got a hit rating of about 280 which should give him a miss rating of about 2%. He also has around 2000 spellpower.

Lightning Bolt: 734 normal hits, 487 crit hits, 34 missed, 2673 damage per bolt (noncrit hit average), 5219 crit hit average

His crit is around 95% extra damage (1.95 multiplier) I guess he’s got talents that affecting this, go Thundress!

Average LB damage (including crits) is 3688.

So 1 spellpower equates to roughly 1.84 damage.

So a 1% miss (32.79 hit points) gives a damage gap of 36.88 damage, so 1 hit point equates to 1.12 damage loss per Lightning bolt.

There was a 3% mitigation factor, if (big IF) hit rating affects mitigation in the same way we can double the effectiveness of hit rating to make a it a 2.24 damage gap per LB making the hit to spellpower ratio around 1.2 hit to 1 spellpower. Blizzards itemization oddly enough is 1.2 spellpower to 1 hit.

The end result is that as long as you are purely a pew pew Elemental it seems you can stack hit or spellpower, it doesn’t matter to your raid!

Elitist jerks go a bit further than me and point out that the effect of a miss on Lava Burst (with Flame Shock up) is really significant, and I’m sure they know what they’re talking about, but it’s probably still a close run thing. Or maybe not, this page claims hit is worth 1.9 spellpower (after taking into account the 1.2 itemization factor that becomes a 1.58 tradeoff.

What does this mean to Flowersz? Well (after ignoring Elitist Jerks!) it means that all things being equal it’s probably better for her to equip a spellpower epic item than a blue hit item. Lootrank with the EJ numbers plugged in thinks that her [Infection Repulser] is better than the [Flameheart Spell Scalpel], which is a shame becuase I’ve bought the dagger already, though I had independantly decided that the scalpel was probably a waste of money.

Still the lootrank page (using the elitist jerks values) has some interesting stuff on it, like replacing my [Titanium Spellshock Ring] with a [Ring of Northern Tears].

Anyway at the end of the day, Flowersz is not badly geared for Elemental, she could do better, but is acceptable for raiding Naxx. Could do with running some heroics for a couple of gear upgrades and the tokens though.

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