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Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

healing meters

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Yeah, opisthorchiasis not a true measure, side effects but I can compare a healing meter now with a healing meter then and still come to some conclusions.

Today’s conclusion is that druids have been nerfed as healers. It’s now 2 runs on the trot where Flowersz has healed pretty much the same amount as our Druid where previously we were talking “outclassed”.

Unless it’s dropping the Healing Stream Totem that’s making the difference, if so then maybe I should thank Blizzard for stopping Blessings of Wisdom stacking with Mana Stream. AND I need to have a word with our Elemental Shaman and get them to drop Healing Stream and be put in a different group – With the BoW change there’s not a lot of reason to keep us both in the same group, the old reason was to get the Mana Stream buff on all casters. Without Mana Stream in my totem drops there is is no longer any reason to put us in any particular group.

In a way I *do* hope it’s the BoW/MS change, I’d hate to think of another healer being nerfed.


Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:54 am

We tried maly again last night, recipe unfortunately not good enough. We had great difficulty with the sparks, purchase with only two ranged DPS and both of them affliction locks we frequently failed to burn down the sparks in time.

Also our DPS seemed low, we were pulling less than 2.1k DPS (and that was our highest) the average was 1.5k, looking at a successful attempt from the “upper middle” their average DPS was 2.5k. Sparks would have greatly helped boost the DPS, but even so.

Fair enough this wasn’t our best team, nor the best suited to the job, but having one shotted Saph and K’Z without any deaths you’d have thought we would have got to Phase 3 a little more often than twice in 6 attempts (without anywhere near enough time on the clock) – I’m not counting when we switched tanks since that really didn’t seem to work out.

It looks like blizz’s “bring the player” is NOT true, maybe in 25 mans, but in this 10 man there are certain classes that will make life easier, in this case a burst damage ranged and/or a Death Knight, ideally both.

hi ho, this was only our second real try, we’ll get him one day.

Elitist Jerks has some intersting comments, I think I’ll have a read tonight.

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