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Wednesday, 22 April, 2009

Vuhdo first impressions

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:22 pm

I’ve been meaning to try out the healing addon Vuhdo for a while now, see it’s been getting favourable comments. Thing is, abortion I didn’t really want to try it out on a proper raid night in case it was inadequate. Well last night we went of a 20 man Obsidium Sanctum run so I gave it a go, these raids take ages to setup so I had plenty of time to configure it.

What do I think so far, well pretty reasonable, I’ve got it looking much like Healbot though a little narrower and for plain old healing it seemed to work fine. It felt a bit laggy, there were long times when I wasn’t seeing a lot of damage, but then that could easily have been my network connection or the Druid Hots and Paladin casts simply keeping the raid topped up. To be fair there were plently of times when I was seeing damage.

My biggest problem on this run was not being able to see when my earth and water shields expired, Earth shield had a little dot icon, and there was no icon for Water shield. I’m used to healbot where the whole bar goes white when there are no shields left, a big eyecatcher.

I also couldn’t figure out how to set a private tank, but that’s just operator error. I’ll have to look through the 28 pages of posts on Plusheal, I’m sure pretty much everything is in there somewhere.

One feature I did like was the ability to group players by role (melee, ranged, healer etc), I think this may help me since melee benefit most from chain heal and having them all together will reduce my thinking time.

I’ll be playing with it a little more over the next week or so and let you know how it goes, it’s nearly a replacement for Healbot already.

Healing meters correction

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 5:45 am

Munquis did an OS25 last night. Something has changed, adiposity the Lava Tsunamis looked very different, breast and, I think, hit fewer players. Anyway…..

I uploaded the logs to WWS and saw this:


Which made me think my combat log had gone fubar. So I pulled some detailed numbers and simply didn’t come to the same effective healing number, 374k instead of 552k.

I uploaded the same logs to WMO (wow meter online) and got


Which at least agrees(ish) with the numbers I crunched off WWS.

Looks like

a) WWS is badly wrong

b) Druids may not be quite as nerfed as I was thinking, which is kinda comforting.

So now looking at Mondays raid performance Flowerz is between 1st equal and 2nd (her rightful place) with 32% healing against 35.3% for te drood.

It seems that although I can read the healy meters, I can only do that if they’re not lying!

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