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Friday, 24 April, 2009

Strange Guilds

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Thox posted to plusheal asking for a healer on Darkspear. So I looked him up a few weeks ago, ailment particularly his guild. If memory serves me right there were no healers at all!

Now when I look  out of 21 toons at level 80 there are only 2 healers. 2 healers out of 21 toons seems low. The munquis have 20 out of 95, effectively twice as many.

Anyway, you never know, if I’m having a very quiet night (pretty rare) I may ping him and see if his guild need a healer for a run. Get me some real lovin’! (just joking)


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I’ve been looking at other’s UI’s and they’re pretty clean, hygiene while mine is still pretty cluttered.

ES ‘n’ H (excellent value for money blog) put up an article about Spring Cleaning your UI, practitioner prompting me yet again to think about mine.With the mystical advent of Dual Specs I’ve realized a few things.

1. I really don’t need 5 Bartender bars on display at the same time! At least some of then could be auto hidden.

2. I know where all my totems are (Bar 2), I never ever ever click on the buttons, and I don’t recognise the icons anyway!¬† Bar 3 likewise. Bar4 is full of crap. Bar 5 (on the side) is only being used to assign hotkeys to Mana Spring etc. So that’s back to 1 bar, and again I NEVER click so that could go too! Blimey!

3. Dual Specs means I no longer need to have all those offensive abilities on my Bar1 (except for maybe Loatheb) , if I’m going offensive I’ll be elemental and using a different bar.

We’ll see where this new found enthusiasm goes.

blah blah bleurg wriagh

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Random blah time.

Tried a couple of heroics yesterday, ambulance Violet Hold and Caverns of Time – Culling of Stratholme.

We wiped on VH and gave up. I was particularly upset because Flowersz was certainly in part responsible though some of the wipe may have been (I think) due to a player going AFK. You see I have to take some of the blame because I was trying to use Vuhdo, visit this and, yes, it did do what it said on the tin, but my Water Shield and Earth Shield management was appalling. Earth Shield is particularly important because it gives me a buffer while Flowersz is running into range/winding up a big heal. Some of the fault with Vuhdo was mine, I still had “small” health bars from the 25 man OS, and after being used to playing with “medium-sized” bars in 5 mans I’m not as quick to notice any health deficit.

Also I’m still not used to checking the the strange Earth Shield blob, I’d much rather something positive happened when ES expired rather than the non-event of it disappearing. My insta Chain Heal macro wasn’t configured up in VuhDo either, so there was a moment of confusion just at a time when I really needed it.

So on VuhDo I need to

  • configure insta chain heal
  • get it to show threat (massively useful)
  • get it to do something more noticable on missing buffs
  • Figure out how to setup “private” tanks.
  • Only use it when there’s a big heal buffer, not when I’m the only one!

Anyway, after the wipe, rather than fight through the trash etc again we went to CoS and did a speed run. That went a lot better, though it took about 5 reloads of the UI to get Healbot back and working – unfortunately HB and Vuhdo do NOT play with each other at all! We got close to a wipe at one point, but pulled it off. I quite like CoS, it’s got a nice “no let-up” playstyle to it that reminds me of Zul’Aman runs. Even if we had wiped somewhere I think I could probably have self-ressed and got us going again in enough time to get the achievement.

I’ve ploughed through the 17 page EJ thread on Malygos and I think I’ve some ideas of the strategies involve. I’ll be making a Malygos page to summarise. Though of course it will all be theory and no practice.

Flowersz has been invited to be a (presumably junior) officer of the guild. I will be accepting on her behalf if the job’s still open/they haven’t come to their senses. My second thought on getting the whisper was “who else is up for it?” so I could maybe “Pass” in favour of them if they were (IMHO) better suited. But then I realized you don’t get to do that in real life.

If I turn out to be rubbish at it? Well, I won’t be depressed if I get demoted. Not that other’s opinions don’t matter to me, just that I know my opinions of myself are rarely in agreement with other’s. I’ll try not to cause enough drama to get /gkicked though – that really would hurt. I wonder what being an officer involves?

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