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Monday, 27 April, 2009

Ahh well, that didn’t last long

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[quite a lot of this post is made up]

Got promoted to a guild officer last night and by coincidence also got invited to a Naxx “finisher”.

I don’t suppose I’ll be an officer (provisional, medicine junior) for too much longer, order especially if I keep to my current track record (2 hours long).

I suppose accusing the RL of wetting his knickers when he got Frost Blasted at Kel’Thuzad wasn’t one of my better quips. “Keep me alive at all costs” I think was the phrase.

Yeah, I know he was calling out most of the Frost Blasts, but, well, there was a faint air of desperation there, really there was.

Anyway it got translated inside my head into “Please, please, don’t let me die” which is, I think you’ll agree, dangerously close to “heal me!“.

Fortunately for him the fingers work faster than the brain and he was still standing at the end 🙂

Less fortunately for me my typing fingers also work faster than my brain and I made the knickers comment 😮 .

I let you know if I still have a guild tomorrow.

P.S. Raiding without a ret pally sucks. I’m refusing to go anywhere near Uldar without one, not that anyone has offered, but still, I’m NOT going without one.

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