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Wednesday, 29 April, 2009

Blog roundup

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I’ve got a few posts marked in my reader because I think they’re worthy of linking, visit this site mostly because they seem to reflect my feelings (or not), dentist far better presented than I could possibly manage.

  • WowGrrl’s The Entertainment Of A FailPUG Adventure In Blood Furnace which presents a paradigm shift in viewing PuGs, as Entertainment.
  • Then we have The Greedy Goblin’s view on making gold from being a healer, Gevlon is always entertaining though, to be honest, I hardly ever agree with him. His ideas are “interesting” and well presented, the only disagreements I have are almost always visceral – I follow my heart not my head.
  • WTFSpagetti’s one-stop post on being a freshly dinged level 80 resto shaman, a good simple read if you’ve just gone dual spec.
  • And finally for anyone who’s feeling left behind in raiding, watching all of those Uldar reports popping up on their readers, here’s a brief post from a long time player who’s only just getting into Naxx – on Leafy’s blog!

Dear Diary

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Hilary Fflowers Diary

Dear Diary, angina I think that’s how you are supposed to start a diary isn’t it?

Now I’ve left home I thought I’d keep a diary, prescription so, you know, I can share it with my great grandchildren when I’m old and retired.

I’ve arrived safely at Azuremyst Isle and have signed up for warrior training. I’m looking forwards to it, I really think it will suit me even though I’m much smaller than all these Draenei. So far it doesn’t seem to matter, they’re gentle giants, and TBH I’m not at all gentle.

Flowersz, our shamanka friend, has sent me a pair of Draenei tangas. I know she thinks I’m wierd (my mum said so in her last letter), but I’m not. I was given a critical mission when I was passing through Stormwind on my way here.  Just between me and you dear diary, I think Flowersz is seriously HOT, and I’m kinda glad they weren’t her undies, it wouldn’t’ve felt right when I’ve completed my mission and have to give them up.

I’m gonna have to write a letter to Flowerz (the druid) now for a pair of Night Elf boyshorts, that”ll be hard, I barely know her, she’s a bit intimidating.

GTG, or I’ll be late for role-call.

P.S. How come all my family’s friends are called flowers?

Is this the end of the world as we know it?

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Sorry, site not a deep post discussing the dystopian future of planet earth. Not even a post about players (or at least bloggers) leaving the world of warcraft, mind instead this:


its a little seen part of the Obsidium Sanctum found using “Far Sight” a spell I’d completely forgotten I had, and only use slightly more frequently (once) than “Sentry Totem” (never) and “Tranquil Air Totem” (which apparently went missing without anyone noticing in 3.0.2).

I’ll be using Far Sight more often in raid downtimes just in case I can find anything slightly more interesting than the edge of the world.

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