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Wednesday, 29 April, 2009

Blog roundup

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I’ve got a few posts marked in my reader because I think they’re worthy of linking, visit this site mostly because they seem to reflect my feelings (or not), dentist far better presented than I could possibly manage.

  • WowGrrl’s The Entertainment Of A FailPUG Adventure In Blood Furnace which presents a paradigm shift in viewing PuGs, as Entertainment.
  • Then we have The Greedy Goblin’s view on making gold from being a healer, Gevlon is always entertaining though, to be honest, I hardly ever agree with him. His ideas are “interesting” and well presented, the only disagreements I have are almost always visceral – I follow my heart not my head.
  • WTFSpagetti’s one-stop post on being a freshly dinged level 80 resto shaman, a good simple read if you’ve just gone dual spec.
  • And finally for anyone who’s feeling left behind in raiding, watching all of those Uldar reports popping up on their readers, here’s a brief post from a long time player who’s only just getting into Naxx – on Leafy’s blog!

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