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Tuesday, 28 April, 2009

I wish!

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  1. Windows Update, Skype, Kaspersky, (Not a clue what this one is), Task Manager / System Monitor.. plus however many more are hidden behind that little arrow.

    Add that to your cluttered WoW Ui, and it’s no wonder you occasionaly get lag and DC’s.

    Comment by Smyth — Wednesday, 29 April, 2009 @ 4:11 pm

  2. The missing one is Quick Set or somesuch. Piece of dell crap that lets me see when I press a volume key – useful huh?

    Kaspersky is set to ignore Wow and any sub folders and any files Wow opens. I also pause it on raid nights. This is usually the big killer for me.

    TaskManager (though I prefer process explorer) is used to kill off the crappy programs (like media player) that suddenly decide to scan my hard disk without reason.

    Still, fair point, I need to write a kill off the rubbish program like I used to have.

    Comment by Andrew.Rowbottom — Wednesday, 29 April, 2009 @ 7:48 pm

  3. Ever tried ‘End-It-All’

    I use it on my other PC’s that I let less techy people use.

    It’s freeware, tiny, and bug free. Run it once before you play a game and it kills any non essential process tree. It’s got default settings, but you can be more specific about which ones it kills and which it doesn’t.

    It isn’t a TSR program or anything. Run it, click it, close it, bingo.

    Comment by Smyth — Thursday, 30 April, 2009 @ 9:07 am

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