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Wednesday, 22 April, 2009

Healing meters correction

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Munquis did an OS25 last night. Something has changed, adiposity the Lava Tsunamis looked very different, breast and, I think, hit fewer players. Anyway…..

I uploaded the logs to WWS and saw this:


Which made me think my combat log had gone fubar. So I pulled some detailed numbers and simply didn’t come to the same effective healing number, 374k instead of 552k.

I uploaded the same logs to WMO (wow meter online) and got


Which at least agrees(ish) with the numbers I crunched off WWS.

Looks like

a) WWS is badly wrong

b) Druids may not be quite as nerfed as I was thinking, which is kinda comforting.

So now looking at Mondays raid performance Flowerz is between 1st equal and 2nd (her rightful place) with 32% healing against 35.3% for te drood.

It seems that although I can read the healy meters, I can only do that if they’re not lying!

Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

healing meters

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:19 pm

Yeah, opisthorchiasis not a true measure, side effects but I can compare a healing meter now with a healing meter then and still come to some conclusions.

Today’s conclusion is that druids have been nerfed as healers. It’s now 2 runs on the trot where Flowersz has healed pretty much the same amount as our Druid where previously we were talking “outclassed”.

Unless it’s dropping the Healing Stream Totem that’s making the difference, if so then maybe I should thank Blizzard for stopping Blessings of Wisdom stacking with Mana Stream. AND I need to have a word with our Elemental Shaman and get them to drop Healing Stream and be put in a different group – With the BoW change there’s not a lot of reason to keep us both in the same group, the old reason was to get the Mana Stream buff on all casters. Without Mana Stream in my totem drops there is is no longer any reason to put us in any particular group.

In a way I *do* hope it’s the BoW/MS change, I’d hate to think of another healer being nerfed.


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We tried maly again last night, recipe unfortunately not good enough. We had great difficulty with the sparks, purchase with only two ranged DPS and both of them affliction locks we frequently failed to burn down the sparks in time.

Also our DPS seemed low, we were pulling less than 2.1k DPS (and that was our highest) the average was 1.5k, looking at a successful attempt from the “upper middle” their average DPS was 2.5k. Sparks would have greatly helped boost the DPS, but even so.

Fair enough this wasn’t our best team, nor the best suited to the job, but having one shotted Saph and K’Z without any deaths you’d have thought we would have got to Phase 3 a little more often than twice in 6 attempts (without anywhere near enough time on the clock) – I’m not counting when we switched tanks since that really didn’t seem to work out.

It looks like blizz’s “bring the player” is NOT true, maybe in 25 mans, but in this 10 man there are certain classes that will make life easier, in this case a burst damage ranged and/or a Death Knight, ideally both.

hi ho, this was only our second real try, we’ll get him one day.

Elitist Jerks has some intersting comments, I think I’ll have a read tonight.

Monday, 20 April, 2009

Elemental and hit rating (wild speculation)

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Respecced Elemental, more about I can live with it. Not as much fun as Enhancement, clinic but still way way quicker than questing Restoration.

Anyway, cure one of the major topics for Elemental Shaman is getting hit rating (google for some excellent pages), this is a big topic for elemental shammys because there is not a lot of hit rating mail gear available.

Anyway I’ve gemmed for hit and picked up as much of the buyable hit rating kit as I have tokens for. Flowersz is nowhere near the hit cap, but she’s not bad either.

Now since the hit cap is different for bosses in normal dungeons and heroic dungeons and raids she actually requires different levels of hit rating depending on which dungeon she’s doing…. So I’m going to have to work out what gear to pack depending on what she’s doing. That is… I can exchange some hit cap for spellpower/haste if Flowersz is only doing a heroic dungeon.

But, I’ve also decided to do some thinking about hit/miss ratings, all from a simplistic view and crunched some numbers.

Real world numbers …

Our Elemental Shammy scored 2200 DPS the other night in Naxx with a miss value of about 3% (between 1.5 and 4) and around the same in mitigation. He’s got a hit rating of about 280 which should give him a miss rating of about 2%. He also has around 2000 spellpower.

Lightning Bolt: 734 normal hits, 487 crit hits, 34 missed, 2673 damage per bolt (noncrit hit average), 5219 crit hit average

His crit is around 95% extra damage (1.95 multiplier) I guess he’s got talents that affecting this, go Thundress!

Average LB damage (including crits) is 3688.

So 1 spellpower equates to roughly 1.84 damage.

So a 1% miss (32.79 hit points) gives a damage gap of 36.88 damage, so 1 hit point equates to 1.12 damage loss per Lightning bolt.

There was a 3% mitigation factor, if (big IF) hit rating affects mitigation in the same way we can double the effectiveness of hit rating to make a it a 2.24 damage gap per LB making the hit to spellpower ratio around 1.2 hit to 1 spellpower. Blizzards itemization oddly enough is 1.2 spellpower to 1 hit.

The end result is that as long as you are purely a pew pew Elemental it seems you can stack hit or spellpower, it doesn’t matter to your raid!

Elitist jerks go a bit further than me and point out that the effect of a miss on Lava Burst (with Flame Shock up) is really significant, and I’m sure they know what they’re talking about, but it’s probably still a close run thing. Or maybe not, this page claims hit is worth 1.9 spellpower (after taking into account the 1.2 itemization factor that becomes a 1.58 tradeoff.

What does this mean to Flowersz? Well (after ignoring Elitist Jerks!) it means that all things being equal it’s probably better for her to equip a spellpower epic item than a blue hit item. Lootrank with the EJ numbers plugged in thinks that her [Infection Repulser] is better than the [Flameheart Spell Scalpel], which is a shame becuase I’ve bought the dagger already, though I had independantly decided that the scalpel was probably a waste of money.

Still the lootrank page (using the elitist jerks values) has some interesting stuff on it, like replacing my [Titanium Spellshock Ring] with a [Ring of Northern Tears].

Anyway at the end of the day, Flowersz is not badly geared for Elemental, she could do better, but is acceptable for raiding Naxx. Could do with running some heroics for a couple of gear upgrades and the tokens though.

Friday, 17 April, 2009

Once more into Naxx

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 1:25 pm

Guild raid on Naxx last night. Not a smooth as last time, health care but we still managed four wings.

Several people were having lag problems, gerontologist some so bad they had to leave the group, rx and though my lag wasn’t bad I did have my router conk out on one of the fights.

Something was different! Flowersz actually managed to do more effective healing than our super-treeform druid. She’s not had any gear changes so either 3.1 has buffed resto-shaman (doubt it), nerfed resto druids (I hope not), or Bia was simply having an off day (lag?). Even worserer – she was missing her Earthliving Weapon buff on the first wing of the fight. Actually I suspect Flowersz was simply stealing healing from the Paladin.

I’ve had a look at the combat logs and I think I’ve finally worked out why the drood has always been outperforming me. The majority of his spells are instants or 1.5 second casts. Given the same level of gearing and my propensity to use Chain Heal and Healing Wave, both 2.5 seconds, it’s not too surprising that he usually heals me into the ground.

The 3.1 changes….. now that Mana Spring doesn’t stack with Blessings of Wisdom I had a Healing Stream totem down all the time, accounting for a bonkers amount of healing, though only 15% wasn’t overhealing (560k or about 7%). This change means that if you have more than one shaman in your 10 man then it’s probably worth putting the resto in the tank group and having both of them dropping Healing Stream (or Cleansing Totem if it’s needed). Water totems are group only and with the loss of Mana Spring’s utility Healing Stream is now the water totem de rigeur.

Gluth was interesting, only two Earthbind totems and no Hunter or Mage. It wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, though Windows keying out of WoW mid fight was not the cleverest thing I’ve ever done. We’re getting a little better at keeping the Zombie Chow occupied. I even managed to tag a couple of strays myself by facing towards Gluth and Frost Shocking (or Lightning Bolt if it resisted) to distract the single minded little buggers. They seem to spawn slowly enough that my shock cooldown is up in time to tag another stray if need be. I suspect that a really skilled shaman could probably kite all the chow solo – not me, I’m really too static for that.

Our Warlock tried a new tactic in this fight, he feared an escapee at one point, unfortunately the bugger ran towards Gluth and gave him 5% health back, so that didn’t work, but I think full points for trying something different. Because of the Windows-key mistake Flowersz had 30 of the stacking debuff on her for most of the fight, even those gave me an idea – if the debuffs had finally gotten too big and killed her its just possible she could have reincarnated without any de-buffs and started again. During the decimate phase would have been a good time. Ah, if only I was actually any good at playing and could fold a tactic like this in.

We did have a Wipe on Thaddius, in the region of 20k health (or less), and the next attempt was also close call, unfortunately I’d blown ALL of Flowersz cooldowns so it was just a case of keeping my fingers crossed and watching. Tip: blow your heroism early while everyone is still alive. I really must see if the Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental get affected by the polarity thingy, if not then they’re going to be pretty useful.

I’m suddenly having to consider offspec gear a little more seriously now I’ve dual-specced, the problem is I haven’t really decided what my second spec should be. Enhancement is fun and different, but I can re-use a lot of my epics for Elemental, in Elemental Flowersz is fairly substantially geared, lacking only on hit rating. I’m sure I’ll decide eventually, perhaps I’ll try elemental for a couple of weeks again to see how well I like it.

I’m playing around with another analysis tool, it’s a bit techy to setup, but I can handle techy. The advantage is that it produces static html files that don’t rely on the WWS server so I may start hosting some reports on this site.

I’ve also installed the Visual Studio WoW developer IDE thingy, not started it up yet, but I may develop a couple of small addons. I prefer my addons to be small, it might be nice to have an addon that manages everything, but if you don’t like one feature you end up with duplicates. I’d rather keep my totem timers separate from my totem caster and separate again from my weapon imbues and saperate again from my buff monitor, and so on.

Early on the todo list is a Chain Heal watcher that whinges at me when I don’t get any bounces (currently running at 30% of my casts!).

Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Need more memory! (more QQ)

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Some time ago I moved my WoW folder onto an external 16GB SD card to improve performance. It didn’t give me quite the performance improvement I expected, global burden of disease my laptop will only transfer at 3Mbyte/sec to a card rated at 6Mbyte/sec. Still all went fairly well and although game startup is not a lot faster than when I run it off my hard disk it is much much less prone to unexpected slowdowns and disk thrashing.

That’s how I’ve been running Wow since before the expansion came out. Until today. Today’s patch has made the installed size 700MB bigger than my card (the card is actually only 14.9GB in size because of the usual this and that). There is a chance that if I reformat for smaller cluster sizes and remove all my unused addons and so on (the temporary download files are already gone) that it might just squeeze on.

It looks like it’s back to running off my hard disk! Unless there’s some way I can get WoW to look for some files on my HD or “symbolicly link” a folder (e.g. the videos) invisibly from my SD card to my Hard Drive.

Haste (or QQ)

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Back in the day: I had a premonition about how the game was going to develop, help in short I expected playstyle to get faster and faster. Now one expansion and several months on and Flowersz is stacking some haste gear, troche and seems to need to stack even more. All of this haste means that now I have to cast more often, and the sad thing is I’m not casting slow heals faster, oh no, other game changes have meant that I’m now casting my already fast heals even faster.

Back in the day: Lesser Healing Wave was a “stop-gap” heal that you cast in an emergency to get enough time to dump a slower, but more effective Healing Wave. Various changes and glyphs have meant that LHW is now a fully fledged card-carrying heal.

Back in the day: healers watched their mana and rated it more important even than the Health pool of that aggro-pulling underperforming DPS. Now, in most 10 man raids, mana is a non-issue. So much so that I’m thinking of making Flowersz’ main-set of gear low-mana and high haste with an “exceptional” set for those rare occasions when when we don’t have “replenishment” available in the raid, or 5 man.

Back in the day: you’d be casting Chain Heal or Healing Wave and use that 2.5/3 seconds to decide who gets the next heal, now I’m seeing LHW casting in less than a second, even Healing Wave can bang off in around 1.5 seconds if all my procs are up – where’s my thinking time gone? “Get out of the fire” events are now frequent enough that I occasionally think about whether it’s worth casting Chain Heal, or I’m going to have to move.

Times change. And things usually improve.

I’m afraid I’m in agreement with Tobold’s Tuesday post Wow may eventually simply become too fast for me.

QQ done.

Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

A strange request.

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A quickie from Flowersz.

Woke up this morning and saw that I had some new post in the mailbox. Odd, cialis 40mg I wasn’t expecting any.

Turns out it was a letter from Hillary Fflowers, psychotherapist the son of a lovely couple of gnomes I was introduced to in Tinkertown (it’s the name). It seems he’s decided to take “the way of the warrior”, visit this good for him! I’m glad to hear his family are all doing well. Strange thing though, his postal address is the Exodar. I think he may have taken a shine to us Draenei, my fault I guess.

The weirdest part of it all though is he wants me to “boost” him a pair of Tanga briefs! Claims it’s something to do with an achievement! I feel I owe his family something for their wonderful hospitality last time I was in IF so I guess I’ll have to go out and buy him a pair, though I’m damned if I’m sending the little perv any of mine!

Must write a note to his mother.

Yergh Belurgh

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Not a lot of WoW time this extended weekend.

Respecced my druid Moonkin, page this makes it the first time since the talent points got refunded for WotLK! Killed a couple of wolves and went back to the inn.

Rolled a Gnome Warrior “Fflowers”, this and ran him to the Draenei starting area, dinging level 2 on the way. His full name is Hillary Fflowers, he has pink hair and a huge twirly moustache. So far his main aim seems to be trying to look up all those Draenei skirts (even the men), what a sad little sod! He belongs on an RP server. If I do ever play him I’ll be trying to use my gamepad from the start.

Flowersz managed to try the Aces High quest twice, so she can get some practice in for Malygos phase 3. So far the Scalesworn Elites are winning! You can do the quest using the cast pattern on WowHead, but I don’t feel this is really preparing for Maly, so although I am using it I’m also trying for a more reactive pattern at the same time.

Waste of space post really.

Thursday, 9 April, 2009


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Once again talents are on my todo list.

I’ve been uncertain about the Improved Reincarnation talent, geriatrician reducing reincarnate cooldown and boosting reincarnation health+mana by 20%. I’m only using reincarnate at most once a night so the 20 minute reduction isn’t really doing much for me, implant the 20% extra mana+health is nice but still fairly paltry. So 2 points to move.

ES and Hots [new resto blog on the block] has a post about dodgy talent points as well and has convinced me to drop Ancestral Healing (I figure only around 100HPS at best for 3 points!), tuberculosis so there’s another 3 points.

My current spec is, please don’t go into all the ways it’s wrong, Cookie Cutter specs are good, but sometimes you have to go with your feelings even if they’re wrong.

So ES & Hots spec differs in

  • taking 2 points out of Improved Reincarnation (/agree),
  • 3 points out of Ancestral Awakening (/agree),
  • Putting 1 point into Healing Way (Alurel makes a convincing argument) for 1 and not 3,
  • putting an extra point into thundering strikes (less convinced by the extra 1%),
  • 3 extra into Elemental Weapons (30% extra on earthliving – so that’s +195 heal instead of +150), again not convinced.

So I’m good with dropping the points, but I’m still a bit ambivalent about where to put 4 of the freed up points.

There’s a suggestion that I could put 3 into Healing Focus – When I hit 80 I started off with them here, but in 10 mans Healing Focus is simply not necessary. In 25 mans, well, what do I know about them? I’ll keep an open mind.

I’m tempted by Enhancing Totems but it’s really not much of a boost, around +25 to spell damage, and around the same to melee damage for Strength of Earth Totem, but they benefit the entire party so that’s all multiplied by a couple.

Anyway I won’t have time to respec before tonights raid, so I can sleep on it a bit.

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