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Friday, 24 April, 2009


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I’ve been looking at other’s UI’s and they’re pretty clean, hygiene while mine is still pretty cluttered.

ES ‘n’ H (excellent value for money blog) put up an article about Spring Cleaning your UI, practitioner prompting me yet again to think about mine.With the mystical advent of Dual Specs I’ve realized a few things.

1. I really don’t need 5 Bartender bars on display at the same time! At least some of then could be auto hidden.

2. I know where all my totems are (Bar 2), I never ever ever click on the buttons, and I don’t recognise the icons anyway!  Bar 3 likewise. Bar4 is full of crap. Bar 5 (on the side) is only being used to assign hotkeys to Mana Spring etc. So that’s back to 1 bar, and again I NEVER click so that could go too! Blimey!

3. Dual Specs means I no longer need to have all those offensive abilities on my Bar1 (except for maybe Loatheb) , if I’m going offensive I’ll be elemental and using a different bar.

We’ll see where this new found enthusiasm goes.

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