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Friday, 1 May, 2009

Naxx with a difference

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Last minute call into Naxx to fill the third healer spot. I shouldn’t have gone really, generic this was the third evening this week I’ve raided, practitioner I’ll make it up by not raiding at all next week. Should be easy I’m at an endurance event every day this long weekend so I’ll be knackered on Monday, hygiene and it’s my birthday on Thursday so that night is out too.

Anyway this Naxx was different, we had a Death Knight AND a Moonkin. Those crits really help with getting mana back from Water Shield.

It was fast! We broke a few speed records, some by almost a whole minute!

Even though Biafra wasn’t there (he was the Moonkin) we had another excellent (over) healer, in fact the healing was so good I even had time to do a little bit of chatting during some of the fights (naughty me).

The downside was that I was one of the players that wanted to call it after 3 wings even though it was actually quite early for a raid night. I could have stayed, but three nights in a week is a bit much.

I feel guilty, this is the second time I’ve cut short a raid led by someone other than FatArthur, it’s nothing to do with the Raid Leader, they just happened to be raids on nights I wasn’t really expecting to attend. I’ll live I suppose.

Anyway Moonkin raiding!

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