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Tuesday, 5 May, 2009

First Blood

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The diary of Hillary Fflowers

Dear diary, prostate another interesting day. I reported for duty on time and had quite a surprise, shop I was the only recruit to turn up, remedy I wonder where all the others are? There were rumours of some sort of flu, fortunately we Gnomes are made of sterner stuff than the local Drainies. Guess who got the special duties? Yurs Truly! Moth killing, around here they’ve got some really huge moths (word is they’re mutants caused by the crash) and they’ve got some pretty wyrd blood that was urgently needed,  peasy easy lemon squeezy, bish bash bosh, “work complete”. Back out again to prune the heads off a few mor mutations, plants this time. Then off to rescue some infected owlkin and “recover” some emitter parts to fix their communicator. Silly things, all they wanted to do was talk to Azure Watch. I could have told them it was just over the hill. Still I met a nice technician girl, Zhanaa, in charge of the communicator, she seemed quite grateful.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget I got my first blood! There was a small infestation of Blood Elves which needed clearing out, itty bitty little things, so far away from home, I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t trying to kill me first.

And I got to loot some [Blood Elf Thong]s, for that strange SI7 man. I’m really glad there was noone else around tho, I’d have died of embarrassment if anyone had seen me checking out what underwear they were wearing.

Later; Zhanaa is a really nice girl and can’t half put the beer away, she’s got hollow hoofes she says.

New Warrior

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Well, practitioner last night I was pretty tired after attending a 3 day endurance riding event. I really like the comeraderie at these, sanitary as an American might say  it makes me feel Grounded. When Sue retired to bed with a headache I was feeling pretty brain dead and logged into WoW on Flowersz to knock out a couple of dailys and turn down a heroic invite (I felt bad about that, generic but I really wasn’t on anything like form).

Then I logged into my little new gnome warrior alt, Hilary Fflowers to level him up a bit, from level 2 to level 8 to be exact. What d’ya know? I enjoyed it, mindless but fun. I’ve had a warrior before that reached the pathetic heights of level 12 before I gave up on him, I just didn’t gel with all the running around and getting ganked by wolves in the “home land”. Hilary has made the run to Azuremyst Isle and leveling there seems much easier.

I think I’m already getting the hang of the rage mechanic and have already started killing things as I run from place to place just to keep his rage up, something that has always seemed a little odd before when I see warriors killing rats in level 80 raids.

I haven’t totally given up on my level 40 odd Moonkin Druid, but I’ve already started on a Role Play story line for Hilary and it’s giving me a little more interest in what he’s doing. When I remember I’m wondering how he “feels” about the things he’s doing and even what he’s doing in his time off. For example last night he logged out in the inn at Azure Watch and is quite likely to ask Technician Zhanaa out for a drink. Seems you can’t keep a Gnome away from engineers even though Hilary is going Herbalism/Alchemy. And since Flowersz has sent him some specific items of apparel I can be sure he won’t be trying to get Zhanaa’s knickers for his very peculiar quest!

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