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Monday, 11 May, 2009

bash bash bash, oops

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Still playing Fflowers the warrior (level 16) and the new spells are rolling in. I’m starting to worry that I’ve missed somthing, stomach in fact I’m certain I have. I’ve had a trawl through tha interwebs and I’m not getting a lot of helpful information. Almost all of it is aimed at end-game and not at players in their “teens”.

Some say useful things like “Warriors who don’t change their stance are rofl noobs” and then don’t say a damn thing about when you should change your stance, viagra buy or why.

So I’m starting to put together a not-a-noobs guide to leveling a warrior, not a noob because I’m assuming you already have a high level toon, but NOT a warrior, after all if you’ve got a high level warrior, why are you leveling another one, and why do you think you’re a noob?

Anyway, lesson 1:

Blizz train you to press Heroic Strike as often as possible at level 1 and 2. Even by level 16 this isn’t the best way to use your rage. I’ve had it explained to me that a hit from HS doesn’t generate any rage so you’re not only burning up 15 rage on the spell, but you’re missing out on any extra rage that you might have got from hitting the damn mob! Only use it when you have nothing else useful to spend rage on.

[Edit] This isn’t to say that Heroic Strike isn’t a good spell, but you may be wanting to save rage for other spells in preference. For example later on you get some situation spells like Overpower or Shield Bash that you need to use quickly, if you haven’t got enough rage when you need these you’ll reget it.

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