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Monday, 18 May, 2009

Le Weekend

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Hillary FflowersHillary Fflowers

Well my little warrior is now level 21 and is revered with The Exodar, salve I’ve no idea how I’m going to get him to Exulted though, purchase there are so few Draenei quests available in the “OldLands”. Anyway, he’s passably geared and I’d love to take him into The Deadmines. A couple of times I had a peek at the Looking For Group interface and there were very few toons listed, only one single player and one group both times. It’s going to be a real shame if I can’t get a group. I don’t mind the idea of wiping, I just want to try tanking.

It’s a little odd how I’m “gelling” with this warrior, the last warrior was very much unloved. I realize there’s a damn good chance I’ll get upset when I actually start tanking on him, from watching the tanks in my guild it looks like soo much hard work. But you never know, I might actually be able to do it and it would be such a shame to miss out on that.

saitek-commandunitSaitek command unit

I bit the bullet properly and have been forcing myself to use my Saitek Cyborg Command unit this weekend. So far it does seem to be working, there’s definitely a learning curve involved, but it’s coming. Originally I based my layout on some of the layouts people are using for their N52s, but I’ve already started changing it around to suit my personal preferences, and some keys are still blank to reserve spots for future spells. To maximise the number of available keys I’ve setup the joystick for movement, which is working surprisingly well, far better than my attempt on the N52 probably due to the fact that the thumb-pad is adjustable on the Saitek. In fact most people don’t use the D-Pad on the N52 for movement and I suspect that’s for the same reason: the “D-Pad” is just too far away and stiff for my thumb to reach comfortably.

Using the joystick for movement frees up 4 more keys on the main pad for spells, which should pay off later. I’ve still got a fair bit more customization to do though.

One thing I missed out on when crafting the layout was how useful my little finger is, at the moment it’s sat there doing nothing and I really think the “home” key should be something I use a fair bit. In fact at the moment I’m only using my index finger and ring fingers, and even then the ring finger isn’t doing much. Two finger playing is not using my maximum potential! I’m clicking a little too often.

Now I’m giving it a “proper” try I can see why I had difficulties even getting started with using one of these pads with a shaman, the problem isn’t the number of spells, I assume these will be “comparable”. The issue is that there are so many totems which I pretty much treat as spells. Fears – drop tremor, Lots of the group being poisoned – re-drop Poison cleansing, Need a bit of slowing – drop Earthbind, Mana low drop Mana Tide and so on. Eventually it all adds up, I imagine one of those bigger keypads like the Wolfking or the logitec one might have fit better.

When my layout settles down I’ll post it as a page so that at least others can find it using google.


I’ve taken the advice of Earth Shields and Hots and have reglyphed Flowersz from [Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave] to [Glyph of Healing Wave], that will make purely reactive tank healing poorer, but should considerably help her health pool during the Malygos fights leaving me with a little more time to heal the raid up with Healing Waves. I am spamming Healing Wave on the tank reasonably often when LHW doesn’t cut it so getting 20% back on self healing will be nice. ES and H are a really good read, Alurel is thinking about the Rest-Shaman class to a depth that probably rivals the game developers at Blizz.

Hopefully we’ll have enough players tonight for another Malygos attempt, last Thursdays failed because there was only one healer available (not me), so I guess there’s still a healer shortage even in social Guilds like the Munquis.

I’m spending so much time with Hillary that Flowersz isn’t even doing her dailies and consequently her money pool is dropping steadily. The biggest drop though was helping to fund a guildie’s Epic Flying Training <pure feelgood FTW>. They caught me in a good mood and I’ve leant them about three times more gold than I’m usually happy with, though it won’t kill me if they quit tomorrow (unlikely). Cest la vie!


Sorry, Ive not got an image stored for little ole Casper. Took Casper out on a 25km ride in the Peak District on Sunday, near Buxton. I wish I could say that I enjoyed it, but I didn’t. This is the first ride in ages that I’ve not enjoyed and that’s a real shame. There was just too much tarmac and hard farm tracks to let him go. We’re still taking it easy while he recovers from his torn suspensory ligament, everything is looking perfectly OK, we’re just being careful.


I’ve been neglecting this side of my pastimes even though I’ve had a couple of offers of fresh maps to work on. Must set aside a couple of lunchtimes a week to progress this.

By the way, that’s what Milton Keynes looked like in 1938.

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