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Tuesday, 19 May, 2009

Brought me up short!

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During yesterdays disconnect hell at one point I asked to be kicked. The next time I managed to connect (a router reboot later) I was presented with a Guild Invite screen.

A joke of course or I wouldn’t have been invited as soon as I relogged.

But, clinic it brought me up short, there were TWO buttons, accept and DECLINE!


What a concept!

I can tell you my brain started racing. What would happen if I declined and wasn’t a part of the Munquis anymore?

Just think about it a moment! Then think some more! Then even more!

The question wasn’t in doubt, I pressed Accept, but, you know, WHAT IF?

Bloody Hell!

I want my monkey back!

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Another attempt on Malygos last night. We’re improving, health we saw Phase 3 a few times. Unfortunately we had to pull in a guild friend to fill in the third Healing spot, more about essential since our Raid Leader had to fill in the second slot with his off-toon. Just to be clear I’ve nothing against the healer we pulled in, especially since they were pretty damn good, but it’s a bit of a shame that we had to do this.

Anyway, for the first time I can remember since at least Karazahn there was another Resto Shammy in the group. For the first time ever I get to do a like for like comparison.

So, overall Healing:


healing Totals

A breakdown of Flowersz spells, lots of bits and bats, mostly Healing Wave.

Flowersz breakdown

Breakdown of Flowersz' spells

Whereas 2/3 of B’s healing comes from Chain Heal

Breakdown of Flowersz spells

Breakdown of Their spells

WTF! I want my Chain Heal monkey back, NOW!

After that we went for a Naxx Arachnid speed achievement, in truth we made a couple of tactical mistakes, we didn’t clear all the reachable trash before engaging the first boss and I forgot to ask to be put in the tank’s group, so he didn’t get the poison cleansing totem and died while I was all cocooned up. Then my internet provider started playing up, disconnecting within a couple of minutes of connecting. It’s not the router, I’ve been using it for well over a year with hardly any problems, so I’m guessing it was further down the line somewhere.

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