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Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Red Face Day

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hillary-and-reznikFrom the Diary of Hillary Fflowers

Dear Diary, pills

Watch out Arthas, information pills here I come! I’ve finally graduated! Boot camp is finished, and my Draenei bosses are happy to let me lose on the world. I was a bit upset though that there wasn’t a ceremony, none of the the other trainees were considered good enough and have to stay back and do more potatoe peeling, so it was an informal affair. Really informal, really really informal, in fact it was held in the inn at Bloodwatch. At least technician Zhana was there to see me off, we’ve really hit it off with each other and I’ll miss her sense of humour.

Actually on the humour front it seems she’s been pulling my leg a bit – you know that secret quest I was given by Reznik the Goblin from SI7? Well I let her in on it, being a woman and all I thought she might have some tips on where to get the more unusual pieces of underwear. To cut a long story short it’s all a standard bit of Apprentice Warrior hazing, you know like “fetch me a left handed screwdriver”. Anyway apparently she told Ruada and they’ve been having a right good laugh watching me running around trying to get my hands on Taurean jockstraps,  Night Elf BoyShorts, Dwarven Y Fronts, and heaven knows what else. It’s a good job I was four sheets to the wind when they told me. I can tell you some of the sights I’ve seen would turn your hair quite green (if diaries had hair that is) – I never knew trolls all went combat (ewww!)

Next time I see Renzik I’m sooo gonna shove that Jockstrap down his throat!

What’s in my Bags?

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I’ve been wondering why there’so few free slots, one health well Iv’e just been rooting around in the bottom of my backpack and found:

12 [Festival Dumplings]

2 [Lollipop]

9 [Noblegarden Chocolate]

3 [Winter Veil Cookie]

It looks like I may have a sweet tooth!


3 [Spring Flowers] (and they dont stack!)

what can I say? Flowers FTW!

I hate myself

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As if! But I was mooching around last weekend on my warrior and got asked by a guildie if I’d like to do Stockades, decease I didn’t think I was level appropriate at 21 for it so I turned it down. The kind guildie asked if maybe I’d like to do Deadmines instead. Now if you’ve been reading I would like to try Deadmines. But being the asshole that I am I turned this down too saying I was just on for a little while, web which was sortof true. Except I then wasted well over an hour getting a mouseover taunt macro working and leveling cooking and alchemy, certainly long enough to show a couple of bosses what the Munquis are made of!

I am an unthinking asshole! Apart from the lack of taunt and total inexperience at tanking there wasn’t really any reason why I couldn’t have gone for a wipefest in the Stockades, it’s a short run and I don’t think anyone has unrealistic expectations.

I seem to have an unreasonable fear of being overfaced.

Note to self: Just F*ng Do It!

Sorry Grenth.

I’ll try and remember that perfection is NOT required before I turn a request down.

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