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Tuesday, 5 May, 2009

First Blood

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The diary of Hillary Fflowers

Dear diary, prostate another interesting day. I reported for duty on time and had quite a surprise, shop I was the only recruit to turn up, remedy I wonder where all the others are? There were rumours of some sort of flu, fortunately we Gnomes are made of sterner stuff than the local Drainies. Guess who got the special duties? Yurs Truly! Moth killing, around here they’ve got some really huge moths (word is they’re mutants caused by the crash) and they’ve got some pretty wyrd blood that was urgently needed,  peasy easy lemon squeezy, bish bash bosh, “work complete”. Back out again to prune the heads off a few mor mutations, plants this time. Then off to rescue some infected owlkin and “recover” some emitter parts to fix their communicator. Silly things, all they wanted to do was talk to Azure Watch. I could have told them it was just over the hill. Still I met a nice technician girl, Zhanaa, in charge of the communicator, she seemed quite grateful.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget I got my first blood! There was a small infestation of Blood Elves which needed clearing out, itty bitty little things, so far away from home, I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t trying to kill me first.

And I got to loot some [Blood Elf Thong]s, for that strange SI7 man. I’m really glad there was noone else around tho, I’d have died of embarrassment if anyone had seen me checking out what underwear they were wearing.

Later; Zhanaa is a really nice girl and can’t half put the beer away, she’s got hollow hoofes she says.

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