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Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

I hate myself

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 9:28 am

As if! But I was mooching around last weekend on my warrior and got asked by a guildie if I’d like to do Stockades, decease I didn’t think I was level appropriate at 21 for it so I turned it down. The kind guildie asked if maybe I’d like to do Deadmines instead. Now if you’ve been reading I would like to try Deadmines. But being the asshole that I am I turned this down too saying I was just on for a little while, web which was sortof true. Except I then wasted well over an hour getting a mouseover taunt macro working and leveling cooking and alchemy, certainly long enough to show a couple of bosses what the Munquis are made of!

I am an unthinking asshole! Apart from the lack of taunt and total inexperience at tanking there wasn’t really any reason why I couldn’t have gone for a wipefest in the Stockades, it’s a short run and I don’t think anyone has unrealistic expectations.

I seem to have an unreasonable fear of being overfaced.

Note to self: Just F*ng Do It!

Sorry Grenth.

I’ll try and remember that perfection is NOT required before I turn a request down.

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