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Monday, 8 June, 2009

8 June 2009

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No sensible title because this is another mishmash post.

Naxx 25

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to a Naxx 25 raid, illness mostly made up from another guild with several Munquis filling in some of the spare spots. Even so we went in 4 toons down.

Overall Flowersz didn’t do too badly, though she didn’t shine either, I did a couple of stupid things which I wish I hadn’t:

  • Cleared Divine Intervention after a wipe before the fight had fully reset, I was still in combat even! On the plus side some-one else cleared their whatever spell after combat had finished and also got killed for their effort.
  • Got turned around in the Loatheb fight ran to the wrong corner after dropping Fire Elemental and let the two ranged in my group die.

Indeed on Loatheb I fell apart for a while in the middle and totally failed to make proper use of the 3 second healing window.

Overall though it was an interesting experience raiding with a different, dare I say it? more professional group of players. I can’t say it was a massive difference, more a difference of degree, like the difference between full fat and semi-skimmed milk.

They even had Ventrilo. My first ever experience with Vent, the sound really is a lot clearer, in-game Voice Chat is workable, but vent is seriously clear. Otherwise, well, Speaking of sound, last night was the first time I’ve worn my bluetooth headset while raiding, it worked fine, a small amount of extra lag, not enough to make a difference. I did like being able to walk away from the computer to make a cuppa tea and still listen in.

I would like to go again, but I’m not begging, either the offer will come when appropriate or it wont, life will continue.

I’m a little worried about my cleansing totem, I was dropping it, but it didn’t seem to be cleansing anything.


I made the mistake of dinging 26 on this little guy, so now I can’t join LFG for Deadmines. So I’m obviously now considering Stockades unless I’ve dinged out of that too. I’ll make sure I’ve got a reasonable amount of time set aside one night this week for that.

So instead of leveling XP I’ve been leveling skills and I’ve discovered that you can’t level alchemy beyond 225 until you’re level 35, Poo! Fishing still needs some loving though.

Gearwise I’ve taken PanzerCow’s direction and I’m using Flowersz money to make sure his gear is upto level, that’s made quite a difference when fighting mobs, no longer do they have to be “green”. In fact, with some preparation, I can actually take down an “orange”!

Hey! Stop that! I can hear you laughing you know!

The game controller is working well for me on this toon, I even have trouble playing without it.


This is both good and bad, the good is that little old Casper is currently being a very good boy, as long as he’s on his own. The bad is that I’ve stopped and counted how often we do “pleasure” rides against how often we’re helping. Counting Sue and Me together we’ve ridden 7 pleasure rides, and contributed something like 9 helper man-days. This is not good and makes me feel some “helper-burnout”, unfortunately we’re also booked in to help at at least a further 3 rides. Bah! Wanna ride more and help less.

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