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Thursday, 11 June, 2009

More Bad Apples

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The guild.

I’ve now been on a few 25 man raids with this guild, seek just filling in empty slots you understand. It’s fun and 25 mans really are a different style of play. There’s not a lot of scope for just banging down heals as and where you wish, visit this site just too many people to let the healers have that kind of free rein. Not to say I’m not still healing the tank(s), sometimes it just seems too important to ignore if their health is 50% or less. Natures Swiftness & Tidal Force if below 25% ofc. Chain heal has more utility, though I have to check the stats to see if it really is outperforming HW and LHW.

I really must get down to it and write a chain heal monitoring addon, I’m still occasionally dropping them on single targets, mostly hunters, the casters seem to stick together, good little squishies that they are.

On the plus side, during last night’s downing of Sarth, Flowersz and Biafra were the top two healers according to Recount. Yeah, I know meters are way from the whole story, I’ll bet the others were sticking more rigidly to their assignments, but a little bit of preening is probably still in order.

What wasn’t so good was dying to the first Void Zone in one of our attempts at Sarth+1. I missed it completely – healer tunnel vision FTL, obviously my UI still needs some work. I may even try Vuhdo again, possibly with a tweaked “Shields Up” for better notification of Earth Shield.

One thing about raiding with the BA’s though, much less messing around in Raid Chat, I have the sneaky suspicion that I’m a major contributor to that channel.

I don’t know where this raiding with the BA’s is going, at the moment I think the Munquis are filling-in empty slots as and when, the fact that there’s slots to fill so often seems to suggest that the BA’s are having the same Summer-Slack-Time as the Munquis.

Anyway Latersz.

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