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Thursday, 18 June, 2009

Its tank time!

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Yay! Fflowers got to tank another instance, generic not a guild group, just a pug.

It took forever to get the group together though, like an hour and a half! More time than it took to actually do Razorfen Kraul (1:05). Once the original leader left the other Warrior started talking, whispering random players, cajoling her boyfriend online and generally making a nuisance of herself. She put in way more effort that I would have, and for that I’m grateful. While she was doing this I was trudging from Menethil Harbour, to Ratchet via Theramore and then down to the instance itself, all new ground for Fflowers.

Once we summoned everyone there we just went in and started beating up on everything in sight. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Most of the time I only realized we’d downed another boss was when a blue popped up on the screen or I had one of those auto-screenshot pauses. Loot was poor and I only won one green item so no gear upgrades.

How did it go on the tanking front? well, I think it went fairly well, I can’t have been doing too bad a job – Fflowers was way ahead on the damage-in ranks at 41% and equal with the rest on damage-out (only a percentage point in it @42 dps!). So I guess most of the mobs were looking at Fflowers big pink moustache just like they should. I’m not overly worried that the others also got beat up, we weren’t marking and fairly often it was the DPS who were pulling.

I’m more certain of my keys now and managed to keep Battle Shout up for a significant percentage of the time, still a bit poor on the Intimidating Shouts though. I am unhappy with how much time I’m spending looking at my abilities/cooldowns rather than the screen, and it meant a number of mobs chewed on the shaman healer for longer than they should have.

Still for a second go I think it was bearable.

Having done a second instance, and one I’ve not done before, I’m reminded of how much I like WoW, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The XP was very nice. And the company helped too, the leader and her boyfriend were re-rolls from another server and highly experienced at their classes. I suspect that the other two were alts, though they barely said a word they seemed competent.

If you see a Warrior named JezebĂ©lla on Darkspear don’t shun her as a freshman, she knows her stuff.

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