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Friday, 19 June, 2009

4 minutes and blue!

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No WoW last night! I upgraded Kaspersky to the latest and accidentally installed too much. Now I know from last year that my machine/drivers/whatever don’t like the full-on “please let me examine every web page and email and file and the contents of your pockets” Kaspersky, mind but they are OK with a simple little unintrusive virus protection.

What happens if I let K*Y have it’s way is that after a few minutes my machine blue screens – last year I managed to uninstall Kaspersky in that time and reinstall just the AntiVirus feature. This year the uninstaller doesn’t run in time before my machine goes all blue and wobbly

So I tried

  • Safe-Mode and System restore – Some genius (me) disabled whatever poorly named feature creates restore points (I think it’s called System Protection).
  • Safe-Mode and uninstall K*Y – hah! Well guess what? Microsoft Installer doesn’t run in safe mode! And you need it to uninstall! What genius thought of that little practical joke?
  • I tried disabling every single little element of Kaspersky (in 4 minute chunks) – nope, global burden of disease still reboots!
  • I tried creating a new user account so it would run faster without all those startup programs – Huh! My machine’s fubar on that, search new users can’t log in! God know when that started happening, I dont!
  • I tried removing a Kaspersky specific network thingy that the internet said causes problems – 4 minutes and blue!
  • I disabled the built in network and wifi in the bios – 4 minutes, blue!
  • I uninstalled the networkd drivers completely (left wifi in though) – 4 minutes, blue!
  • Renamed the Kaspersky directory in safe mode, if it cant find it then it can’t run can it? Oh yes it can! – 4 minutes, blue screen.
  • Disabled user Account Control, Firewall and Windows Defender – Conflicts maybe? Nope!
  • Set some whacky registry entry – Nope!
  • Startup Repair – oh god this is getting serious – 4 minutes and blue!
  • Repair – the message tells me that this wil return my laptop to factory state – I take this to mean reformatted! NO WAY, there’s got to be something I can do.

So that’s three hours of my life wasted and it’s time for bed.

Eventually, this morning, in bed, I ran MSConfig and started without a whole buncha shit, 4 minutes went by and it’s still running! And I wasn’t in safe mode! I still can’t run the uninstaller though, apparently MS Install Service wasn’t running. Damn! So I went to services to try to start it and spotted a little itsy bitsy blue polka dot Kaspersky service. HAH! Eat dirt you little blue fcker! I disabled it. Went to MSConfig and picked a slightly less drastic boot option. And rebooted. AND UNINSTALLED!

So now my machine is now even more unprotected than it was before its first boot. I’ll be sorting that out tonight. Oh and trying to install K*Y in a minimal mode. And turning on system restore, and user account control, and defender, and firewall, and fuller startup options and re-enabling the network card and removing andy dodgy registry changes, and anything else I can bloody well remember turning off.

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