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Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

Shaman WTB better player :)

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Another Naxx25 run last night, sovaldi sale piggybacking on the BA’s raid. Unfortunately it went slowly, taking a long time to down each boss. Flowersz didn’t perform so well, and I can’t decide if it’s because of her gearing (which was low in comparison to the others in the group), or because she’s a Shaman, or simply me. As with all things it’s probably all three.

Lets take Inspector Razberry, Flowersz was on healing one of the mind controled understudies, the first attempt I banged out hasted Healing Waves like there was no tomorrow, and was nearly out of mana when my understudy got splatted and we wiped. Now I’m not sure if the death was because Flowersz couldn’t keep the mob topped up enough to survive the hideous spikey damage or just problems with the taunting. For sure Flowersz couldn’t keep the mob fully topped up on her own.

Recount said she was top of the healing meters at around 3.6k HPS (which is really really damn high for her), but she did get very close to going OOM so I probably slowed down on the heals just before the wipe. We had a couple of more attempts and by the last attempt I had switched to more mp5 heavy kit, this time Flowersz was 3rd on the meters, but then she was still in the “safe” zone on mana. I was definitely conserving mana by this stage, if the other healer was on it and the understudy had 90%+ health then I paused so no mana was wasted on overhealing. I think the gear swap for extra mana may have nerfed her healing output too much though.

I do think on the Razuvious fight I was probably not the best healer to put on the understudy, I know shaman are supposed to be OK tank healers nowadays, but when I go for maximum throughput I can burn up mana much faster than the DPS can kill.

Another case was on the 4 horsemen, Flowersz was on the main DPS group, 1st attempt and the tank died on the “boss swap”. Was it missed healing, not enough throughput or just plain old bad luck? To be honest I couldn’t say, though I wish I knew.


So we have to wait and see if the BA’s consider Flowersz a liability or not. I don’t know whether to ask, or just see if any more invites come my way. Asking will let me know how I stand faster but also makes me seem “needy”,  which I am ofc but I don’t want to seem that way.


Flowersz got new 25 man bracers and helm to replace her 10 man stuff, and I’ll be taking a look at alternative gear sets where I can break the Tier7 4 piece bonus in situations where I’m not going to be Chain Healing (4 piece bonus is a boosted chain heal)[edit: and 5% boosted Healing wave, so the set bonus is too good to break]. I have some spare 25man gloves and legs, but until I get them enchanted they’re worse than the 10 man stuff. She’s 1 token short of being able to buy a 25man totem, which she needs, all her current totems are chain heal related and she seems to be Healing Waving a lot.

Lucky Sods!

Meanwhile the Munquis were pwning Tempest Keep, jammy buggers.

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