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Wednesday, 24 June, 2009

Not been rumbleyed

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In a recent post I wrote:

So we have to wait and see if the BA’s consider Flowersz a liability or not. I don’t know whether to ask, link or just see if any more invites come my way. Asking will let me know how I stand faster but also makes me seem “needy”,  which I am ofc but I don’t want to seem that way.

Anyway it seems they haven’t rumbled me yet! I’ve had a couple of more invites. One for last night that I couldn’t attend for RL reasons, though a couple of other guildies went with the BA’s into Ulduar, I hope they had fun.

Etymology time

or where did rumbleyed come from?

Rumbleyed is supposed to be rumbled and comes from Rumbley.

Rumbley comes from my best mate at Uni and comes from “Rummy”. I have lost contact with him so I rarely hear this except in the context of RumblyTum which makes me smile almost as much as the word “Winkle” *.

Rummy is my everyday name for friends, never acquaintances, it comes from Rumbum.

Rumbum is a name I picked up at Prep school (aka Primary school) short for AndyRumbum, it had medium use at Secondary School though I managed to shake it off by the time I got to Uni.

AndyRumbum is what my maths teacher at Keeble called me and was how I was called there.

And that takes me all the way back to my real name**.

* If you look up winkle in the armoury (here’s a tool) you’ll find that it is a Gnome name! In fact the Wow Armory Character Distribution tool is a grand waste of time: Look up how many Male toons are named “Sue” in US verses EU!.

** Andrew is in fact my middle name since my dad is called Mick (Michael) and that too is his middle name. My first name is Michael and is what government officials and cold callers think I’m called!

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