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Monday, 29 June, 2009

Nerfed Mobs

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I had a fun weekend playing on my warrior, treatment yeah, buy information pills I know this has previously been a resto-shaman blog, thumb but raiding is very quiet at the moment so it’s alt-time! Quite a few of our long time Munquis are leveling alts as a past time.

As you know I’ve gotten on with this warrior much better than my previous one, I think there are several reasons for this, the biggest being that Blizz have, in effect, nerfed the mobs (or boosted the characters, whatever). It’s well known that Blizz have made efforts to speed up the leveling process, most commentators have picked up on:

  • Less XP needed to level
  • A couple of new quest hubs
  • More flight points
  • More Graveyards
  • Mounts at a lower level
  • 10% extra XP heirloom shoulders

But I don’t think I’ve seen anyone notice how groovy the extra Glyphs are.

At level 30 ish I got another Major Glyph slot, bringing Fflowers total up to 2 Major and a Minor, the glyph I most want to talk about is the [Glyph of Revenge].

For grinding prot this glyph is pretty damn awesome, a free Heroic Strike for no Rage on every Revenge! And believe me that’s a lot of free HS’s! An awful lot. An awful awsomenessly awful lot! I have bugger all numbers and I doubt that Elitist Jerks are interested in toons this low, but I blame this glyph for at significant part of my damage output.

Also do you remember when Blizz boosted all toons before the WotLK came out and suddenly you could try Zul’Aman timed runs? Well it seems some of this must have leaked down to the lower levels, for example, yesterday I was in Stranglethorn Vale, mostly because I’ve never leveled there despite three toons who’ve leveled past it. So I’m puttering around doing quests in random inappropriate order and discover myself as a level 35 warrior grinding level 41 gorrillas! Yep level 41, 6 whole levels above mine! What’s more after Fflowers had killed the first couple I realized he was in very little danger of dying. Though he did actually have to bandage/eat after each fight which, surprisingly, was a nice change of pace.

And no, Fflowers isn’t twinked, apart from bags and shoulders he’s paid his own way on profits from herbalism and has only a couple of blue items.

Anyway as I said, I’m enjoying leveling, the Blizz boosts have made everything easier. I’m only using Lightheaded and not an addon like tour guide and that means I get to choose my own path, far more pleasant though also considerably slower. I’m currently leveling at about half the speed of Smythy’s latest alt (in /played) and I’m not caring!

Panzercows prot warrior guide is proving extremely useful, and I’m totally leveling prot, Stance Dancing, what’s that all about then? This thingy keeps popping up telling me I can “Execute”, as if! I just pop a Revenge, Heroic Strike and a Thunderclap – job done!

Next step is for Fflowers to do some dungeons again, he’s skipped Gnomeregan partly because of lack of interest on my part and partly because of lack of groups. He is now ready for RFD and Scarlet Monastery, the last dungeon has good associations with me, I ran it umpteen times on my Shammy. Fflow even got a couple of random whispers for these from another player over the weekend, unfortunately the timing was wrong, both times I was getting ready to work on getting my Bike through it’s MOT. Still here’s hoping I can get into a group or two.  I think I may actually ask on guild chat if anyone wants to do a run later this week, theres a couple of toons at my level (or they will be pretty soon).

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